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Emma Dongala on Thu, 11 Jul 2002 07:23:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Personal

Dear Sir, 

 I am the eldest son of  the late Mike Dongala
(a foremost human rights/political activist in the Democratic
Republic of Congo). My father died in March 2000 as a
result of the inhumane treatment meted out on him
while in prison by the government of Laurent Kabila.
However, it is particularly important to mention here
that before the death of my father, he was a
successful businessman and his business empire
includes real estate, exportation,  and consultancy
services which cut across Africa. He was able to
accumulate enough money both  in local and foreign
currencies through his business empire. In fact, he
was at one time rated among the first five richest
Congolese businessmen by one of the leading business
magazines in my country. His entire business has been
on the upward trend over the past ten years, bringing
his net profit during the period under  review to
Twenty one million U.S dollars ($21,000,000). This of
course does not include his assets which are already
running into millions of dollars. Having said all
this, there was a twist in my fathers success story
following  his confrontation with the government of
Laurent Kabila who has been quite high-handed and
dictatorial in his policies and day-to-day running of
the affairs of the Congolese people. My father being a
human rights activist, criticised his government  in
both local and international newspapers. This
infuriated him and he clamped my father in jail until
he died in March two years ago due to ill health.
Fortunately, before the arrest of my father, his
attorney acting upon his instructions, transferred the
sum of Twenty one million U.S dollars ($21,000,000)
from his local banks to a security  firm overseas. He
did this for fear of this accounts being frozen by 
the government. Following my fathers death, my entire
family  decided to seek  political assylum in
Lome-Togo, as the eldest son of my late father and
according to our tradition in Africa. I have now
inherited all my fathers wealth. Considering the
present face-off  between Kabila and my family,  I was
then advised by my fathers attorney (presently my
attorney) to seek the assistance of someone based in
your country to receive the amount  in question being
($21,000,000). Since I have the intention of
relocating my family there with the aim of settling
down there and investing. I have decided to give you
5% of the total amount involved and I have also set
aside 5% for any expenses that might be incurred  in
the course of this transaction. To finalize this
transaction you will have to contact  me via my e-mail
address (dongala1 {AT} mail.com). further discussions will
be centered on how and when  we shall be meet after
the fund is in your account. I shall expect you to
keep this transaction confidential due to the present
circumstance of my family and I urgently await your
Yours faithfully 
Dongala Emma

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