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[Nettime-bold] Oracle/D2k , 4+ yrs Senior Software Engineer
Dilip on Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:10:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Oracle/D2k , 4+ yrs Senior Software Engineer




B.Dilip Kumar

43,venkatesa street,


Chennai - 600 002

Ph # : 91-44-8511227

e-mail : bdilipkumar {AT} yahoo.com,



To seek a challenging career in the field of Software Analysis, Design and Development enabling me to make an innovative contribution towards Software Engineering through my sincere efforts and hardwork.



Over 4+ years of experience in designing, developing, re-engineering and testing application softwares primarily using Oracle and Oracle Forms .Acquired different project skills in areas of fresh development, and re-engineering. Hard working, excellent team player, aggressive in acquiring new skills, very innovative in programming methodology, debugging skills.


Academic Qualification

B.E in Electronics & Communication (1993 - 97), Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.



Sound knowledge in Relational Database Design and Development using ORACLE.

Experience in developing GUI applications using Developer 2000.

Technical Skills

Operating System : Windows 95, Unix

Operating Environment : Windows NT & LAN

Languages : Cobol, Pro*C , C, C++, Java.

RDBMS : Oracle 8i

GUI : Developer 2000 , Visual Basic 5.0

Job Profile

Senior Programmer, Kumaran Systems Private Ltd., Chennai, India.

( Nov 1998 to Till date )

As a Programmer, involved in the migration, re-engineering process of lower version Oracle platform to higher version Oracle platform (Forms 4.5/5.0/6.0) and non-Oracle (Ingres) platform to Oracle platform. Involved in the projects for the clients like Minnesota Department of Health, Seagate, University of Tennesse Health Science Center, Aon-IBIS, etc. Currently working on Jdeveloper3.2 from January .

Programmer, Axentech , Pondicherry, India.

( Feb 1998 to Nov 1998 )


PQE(Paquet Express)

( April 2001- Jan2002)

Paquet Express is a courier firm. Currently it has 20 branches all over Mexico and its corporate office is in LOS MOCHIS. Complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process is followed in this project. This is the WEB enabled system.

Paquet Express system deals with

∑ Accepting Merchandize from the client at PE Office.

∑ Delivery of Merchandize at PE Office.

∑ Delivery & Receiving of Merchandize to and from Client [Local Truck].

∑ Delivery & Receiving of Merchandize from other Branches [Truck - inter branch movement].

∑ Computerization of Administration & Financial accounts.

Role : Played the role of development Team member.


Projects in Kumaran Systems

February 2001 to April 2001

Minnesota Department of Health

Client : Minnesota Department of Health

Platform : Oracle 7.3 / Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0)

Role : Project Associate - QA

Descriptions :

The Minnesota Department of Health has four locations in the Minneapolis/saint Paul Metropolitan Area and seven district Offices in Greater Minnesota.More than a century ago, they became one of the first states in the United States that establish a health department. The department has contributed to that reputation by operating successful programs in the areas of disease prevention and control, health promotion, community public health, environmental health, and health care policy and regulation. This application consists of Four Systems. They are Certification, Clinical, Newborn, and Chemistry.

Certification System: This System certifies the Environment Laboratories. They make sure that they are following the methods and doing the Quality check. They also deal with the Inventory Order and the Purchase Order. Tests are conducted and based on the test Performance evaluation is done. They review the results of the tests conducted. They do survey of Laboratories.

Clinical and Newborn System: This System gets the specimen and tests are done. Quality Check is done on the specimens and also on the equipments. They also send those specimens to other labs and check it. Newborns details are maintained in the NB_REGISTRY.

Chemistry System: This system gets the information of the samples and tests are conducted. Based on the test they have reports that are generated which show the details of that sample.

August 2000 to January 2001

Seagate Customer Service System (Seaserv)

Client : Seagate.

Platform : Oracle 8 / Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0)

Role : Project Associate (Coding & Testing)

Descriptions :

The Customer Service Organization (CSO) within Seagate is supported by the "Seaserv" (Seagate Customer Service) system which acts as a front-end application to Seagate's New Build "Oracle ERP" system. The Seaserv system and its components are Ingres-based running on Digital VMS machines. The Seaserv system is closely tied to the Oracle ERP system. The Seaserv application consists of Ingres Forms, Ingres 4GL frames and Procedures, Fortran Programs and Subroutines, Ingres Reports, VMS command files and Ingres Database 6.4.

May 2000 to July 2000

UTM - University of Tennesse, Memphis

Client : University of Tennesse Health Science Center, Memphis.

Platform : Oracle 8 / Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0)

Role : Project Associate (Coding & Testing)

Descriptions :

The University of Tennessee, Health Science Center is the health science campus of the statewide University of Tennessee system. Founded in 1911, the UT campus consists of six colleges, a School of Biomedical Engineering and the 106-bed Bowld Hospital. The UTM application consists of many modules such as medical billing system, accounts receivable system, financial aid system, collections system, faculty information system, human resources applicant and position tracking, library system,, admissions system, registrar system etc. For example, the Registrar System is a critical system to the university. Students who have been admitted must be represented in this database. Student class schedules, grades, current status are examples of information that must be available from this system. It provides those data plus such data as course information, student grade point averages, rankings, etc. to the university.


March 2000 to April 2000

Sudbury - The Administration & Financial Management System

Client : Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Sudbury.

Platform : Oracle 8 / Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0)

Role : Project Associate - Coding

Description :

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board wants to expand Internet based technologies into both curriculum and administration. The Administration & Financial Management System has been developed to computerized the manual works involved in Administration & Financial department. The Administration involves employee attendance, employee payroll, teachers information etc., Finance management involves account payables, account receivables, cheques issuing etc.


January 2000 to February 2000

IT Management System

Client : Santa Monica Community College, Los Angeles, U.S.A

Platform : Oracle 8 / Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0 / Reports 6.0)

Role : Project Associate - Coding

Description :

Santa Monica College is a community college. Its IT management division has got an application to maintain students records which comprises of Facilities (such as Building, Room), Accounting , Counselling Information, Course Groups, Semester Data , Registration, Student Service , Library Data , Student Activities etc.


September 1999 to December 1999

Insurance Broker Information System

Client : AON Corporation, Nederland.

Platform : Oracle 7.x / Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5 / Reports 2.5)

Role : Project Associate - Coding

Description :

AON Corporation is the world's premier insurance brokerage, cosulting services and consumer insurance underwriting organization. AON Nederland is one of the country's leading risk and insurance management company.

The IBIS (Insurance Broker Information System) is the core business system used by AON Nederland. The system was developed over a 4 year period (1991-1995) using Oracle CASE*Tool. The system captures various subsystems specific tailored to the need of an insurance broker like client, policy, claims, invoicing, accounts receivable and account payable.



Nov 1998 to July 1999


Client : Cambridge Integrated Services Group, USA

Platform : Oracle 8 / Developer 2000 (Forms 5.0 / Reports3.0)

Role : Project Associate - Coding

Description :

The CARE*WC application is designed to track and processes information about workers' compensation claims. The application can be used by self-insured companies who administer their own workers' compensation claims, or by third-party administrators (TPAs) who administer claims for other companies. CARE*WC integrates all aspects of workers' compensation claim processing.



Personal Details

Name : B.Dilip Kumar

Fatherís Name : Mr. B.Keshava Prasad

Date of Birth : 29-Mar-1976

Sex : Male

Languages : Telugu,Tamil,English

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address : 43,venkatesa street, chintadripet, Chennai - 600 002 .


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