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MRS. REGINA R0SE. on Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:44:01 +0100 (CET)

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E-MAIL:okeyrossman {AT} mail.com 

Dear sir

With due respect, trust and humility, I write you this
proposal, which I believe, would be of great interest
to you. I am Mrs. regina Rossman, the wife of late Mr.
Joseph Rossman of blessed memory, before forces loyal
to Major Johnny Paul Koromah killed my husband; he was
the Director General of Gold and Mining Corporation
(G.D.M.C.) of Sierra Leone. My husband was one of the
people targeted by the rebel forces. On the course of
the revolution in the country, prominent people were
hijacked from their homes to an unknown destination.

Two days before his death, he managed to sneak a
written message to us, explaining his condition and
concerning one trunk box of valuables containing
money, which he concealed under the roof. He
instructed me to take our son and move out of Sierra
Leone, immediately to any neighboring country. The
powerful peace keeping force of the ?(ECOMOG)?
intervened to arrest the situation of mass killings by
the rebels, which was the order of the day.
Eventually, it resulted into full war, I became a
widow overnight, helpless situation, without a partner
at the moment of calamity, and every person was
running for his life. My son and I managed to escape
to South Africa safely with the box and some documents
of property title.

The cash involved inside the box was US$30 Million
(Thirty Million United States Dollars). Due to fear
and limited rights as a refugee, I deposited the items
with a private security company in order not to raise
an eyebrow over the box here in South Africa in my
son?s name Mr. OKEY  ROSSMAN Be informed that the real
content of the box was not disclosed. Meanwhile, I
want to travel out of South Africa entirely with this
money for investment in your country because of
political and economic stability and for future
benefit of my child.

I want you to assist us claim this box from the
security company and get the money into your private
account in your country so that we can invest the
money wisely. We have in mind to establish a rewarding
investment and good relationship with you.

Concerning the money, we are prepared to give you
reasonable percentage of 30% for your kind assistance.
Also, we have decided to set aside 5% of the total sum
for expenses that might be incurred by the parties in
the course of the transfer both locally and
externally. For the interest of this business, do not
hesitate to contact my son Mr. OKEY  ROSSMAN on the
above e-mail address okeyrossman {AT} mail.com 
immediately you receive this message for more information
 and to enable us proceed towards concluding all our arrangements
. Noother person knows about this money apart from my son and I.
 We await your most urgentesponse.please we need your fax/phone numbers for
esiear communication.
Thanking you for your co-operation and God bless you.

Best regard,


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