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BJS.iPower.Team on Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:09:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Masquerade Email BJS {AT} wanganui.govt.nz


We received the following email from your organisation masquerading as an internal email (BJS {AT} wanganui.govt.nz.) This is NOT acceptable to us.
As a result we have blocked all emails originating from your address

Thank you 

IT Systems Administrator
Wanganui District Council

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From: BJS {AT} wanganui.govt.nz [mailto:BJS {AT} wanganui.govt.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 9:05 AM
To: Steve Hanna
Subject: SCADA and Load Curtailment
Power industry professionals - information brief

White Paper : Electricity Distribution Load Curtailment
If your work involves the management or control of electricity distribution networks, then you might find this white paper on load curtailment valuable reading. It is free from product names, brands or any sales-pitch.

The paper reviews the reasons and methods for implementing a direct load curtailment program. It draws largely on the model used in New Zealand, where direct load control has been implemented by all electric distribution utilities for decades. This is a useful pool of experience for those considering this path! The paper was written by David Ganley, who has about 15 years experience in the design and development of load management systems. Feel free to distribute it. We trust you or your colleagues find it informative.

<http://www.i-scada.com/download%20pages/d_od_white_paper.htm>://www.i-scada.com/download%20pages/d_od_white_paper.<http://www.i-scada.com/download%20pages/d_od_white_paper.htm> ....to download the white paper

SCADA for power generation, transmission and distribution 
Do you keep up with SCADA systems? "iPower" is a SCADA system that was developed specifically for the power industry. The intention with iPower was to take a popular generic SCADA system and add the specific requirements of monitoring, control and managing electricity industry systems. The following link is to the iPower web site:

www.i-scada.com <http://www.i-scada.com/> ....to visit the scada web site

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All the best, BJS iPower Team.

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