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[Nettime-bold] REPLY PLEASE !
George Atoh on Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:19:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] REPLY PLEASE !


Sorry to bother you I came across your email address and I thought I 
would forward you a business proposal which I beleive you might find of 
interest, and also to solicit for your assistance. 

I was a high ranking  officer of the rebel group of  Southern Angola( 
UNITA )which was led by the late General Jonas Savimbi who was shot and kill recently in a shoot out with Angolan 
National army. 

At the time of the death of our General , I was in the Netherlands 
arranging for the purchase of arms and military hardware for our army on his behalf , because peace talks with the government had broken down and a major offensive by government troops was predicted. Unfortunately before I could finalize the purchase, the news of his death was announced. 

I was suddenly left with US$ 16,000,000.00 (Sixteen million United 
Sates dollars )  which I brought into the Netherlands through diplomatic means and meant for the arms purchase. I immediately deposited the money with a 
securities company  here in the Netherlands and declared it as a 
consignment belonging to my foreign affiliate, and quickly soughtrefugee status. 

Currently this proposal is to inform you that I want to transfer this 
money out from theNetherlands into your personal or company account as soon as possible for safe keeping, since my asylum status here do not permit me to hold such huge amount, it can be freeze if the source is revealed. 

Please note that this transaction demands the highest degree of trust 
and confidentiality between us, moreover I can assure you it is risk- free in the sense that only three people knew about this money and the arms purchase, ie; General Savimbi, Capt. John Kowanyi and myself. 
Unfortunately The two died the same day in the Government offensive. I have also taken all proper care of all formalities regarding it. 

In appreciation of your assistance , I have worked out the sharing 
ratio for this transaction as follows : 70% for  my investment in your country under your close supervision and direction, 25% for  your efforts ( help and assistance)  and shall set aside 5% for all incidental expenses. 

Please reply on the above email address or you can call me on the 
private telephone number below as to give me your private telephone and fax numbers for confidential communication. 

As I urgently wait to hear from you, be informed that all communication 
on this transaction shall be confidential. Please , this no no game and if you feel you can't help , please do not reply. 

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation. 

Best regards , 

Major. George Atoh 


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