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[Nettime-bold] [광고] WAM is Your Balls !
Your Balls on Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:16:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] [광고] WAM is Your Balls !

HURRY!  WAM4Charity has ARRIVED!

join before March 10 and guarantee $14,318

Official Launch Date is Feb. 11 2003

Till March 10, FREE JOIN but From March 11,Only Paid Member can join!

Secure your earliest position now at:


Very few know about this emerging opportunity that is about to take the Internet by storm!

This is being sent EXCLUSIVELY to those individuals identified by one

of our Founders or Leadership Circle Members.

If you have received this, you are one of them!

The TOP Level 5 Spots in our 4 X 6 Forced Matrix are WIDE OPEN!

You are invited to secure one of 1000 positions at the top of the Matrix.

Once our Level 5 is completed, nobody else will receive this OFFER!

Get in BEFORE our 16 million + E-Mail Campaign!

After these 1000 spots have been secured, we will be inviting over 10

MILLION income opportunity enthusiasts!

And THEN, we will follow that up with another 6 million e-mails!

On top of the thousands who will join from the huge E-Mail Campaign,

we will also be placing extensive ads in many of the industry's top circulation magazines.

AND, this is JUST the beginning!

EVERYONE who joins from our massive Recruiting Campaign WILL be in the

downlines of those who are joining RIGHT NOW!

YES, that means many will be in YOUR downline!


We fully expect to FILL the entire initial Matrix just on our recruiting efforts ALONE!


WAM4Charity operates as a 4x6 Forced Matrix(spill over) - no member may have more than 4 Level 1 members.

Compensation is distributed accordingly:

Level # of Members Money Per Member Totals

1         4                 $8.00                  $32.00
2       16                 $1.00                  $16.00
3       64                 $1.00                  $64.00
4      256                $4.00               $1024.00
5     1024               $5.00               $5120.00
6     4096               $2.00               $8192.00
                                                   $14, 448.00

Total Payout $14,348 per month Net Income Per Month $14,318

You MUST join using this special link to become a part of the Top 1000...

If you join RIGHT NOW, we GUARANTEE you will have a downline just from

our own massive recruiting campaigns! We WILL fill this entire initial 4X6 Forced Matrix!

Probably within the next few weeks!

Get your people in place NOW because we have NO DOUBT that we are going

to FILL this Matrix COMPLETELY with JUST our own Massive Recruiting Campaigns.

Be a part of it all! OR MISS OUT!

The choice is yours!

DETAILS about this emerging opportunity are below:

You will get: your own Referrer ID, access to the company website,

group management tools, web based training and support!

WAM4Charity is simple and to the point. What you see is what you get.

Once you join, you'll get access to your "Member" section.

This is YOUR chance for something big.

Join today!

Secure your earliest position now at:


WAM4Charity is an online company that sells subscriptions to its monthly newsletter.

The newsletter is distributed online at our website,www.wam4charity.com.

The cost for the newsletter is $30 per month,

which includes a donation to the WAM4Charity.com Children's Fund.

The Fund distributes contributions to charities worldwide that deal with

children's basic needs issues.

The newsletter highlights charities,

chosen by the Fund's Board of Directors, to be recipients of funding, and

charities that have applied to the Fund for grant consideration.

Information is provided about the applications received, including a

brief overview of the requesting organization, proposed project, amount

requested, etc.

As stated, a portion of each subscription payment is donated each month

to the WAM4Charity.com Children's Fund to be distributed according to

established guidelines.

As a paid subscriber, you will have the opportunity to recommend charities to be considered

by the Board for funding (see menu for Grant Guidelines and Application).


The newsletter will also contain fundraising tips from the Fund's

Executive Director who will address one or more topics each month

based on suggestions from paid subscribers.

From March 11 , you're commissioned by 4*6 forced matrix.

From march 11 , your invest per month is $30.


Secure your earliest position now at:


To our Success!

WAM 4 Charity 

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