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[Nettime-bold] Attention Please
willybar on Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:01:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Attention Please

From:Barrister Olumide Williams Esq.
 Olumide Williams Law Firm
 Attorneys/legal Practitioner 

Dear friend,

Compliments of the season. Grace and peace and love 
from this part of the atlantic to you. I hope my letter 
does not cause you too much embarrassment as i write to 
you in good faith based on your profile i received from 
the chamber of commerce here in Nigeria. Please excuse 
my intrusion into your private life.

I am barrister Olumide Williams i represent Mohammed 
Abacha, son of the late gen. Sani Abacha, who was the 
former military head of state in Nigeria. He died in 
1998. Since his death, the family has been losing a lot 
of money due to vindictive government officials
who are bent on dealing with the family. Based on this 
therefore, the family has asked me to seek for a 
foreign partner who can work with us as to move out the 
total sum of us$75,000,000.00 ( seventy five million 
united states dollars ), presently in their
possession. This money was of course, acquired by the 
late president and is now kept secretly by the family. 
The Swiss government has already frozen all the 
accounts of the family in switzerland, and some other 
countries would soon follow to do the same. This bid by 
some government officials to deal with this family has 
made it necessary that we seek your assisitance in 
receiving this money and in investing it on behalf of 
the family.

This must be a joint venture transaction and we must 
all work together. Since this money is still cash, 
extra security measures have been taken to protect it 
from theft or seizure, pending when agreement is 
reached on when and how to move it into any of your
nominated bank accounts. I have personally worked out 
all modalities for the peaceful conclusion of this 
transaction. The transaction definitely would be 
handled in phases and the first phase will involve the 
moving of us$25,000,000.00( Twenty five million united 
states dollars ).

My clients are willing to give you a reasonable 
percentage of this money as soon as the transactionis 
concluded. I will, however, based on the grounds that 
you are willing to work with us and also all 
contentious issues discussed before the commencement
of this transaction. You may also discuss your 
percentage before we start to work. As soon as i hear 
from you, i will give you all necessary details as to 
how we intend to carry out the whole transaction. 
Please, do not entertain any fears,as all necessary 
modalities are in place, and i assure you of all 
success and safety in this transaction.

Please, this transaction requires absolute 
confidentiality and you would be expected to treat it 
as such until the funds are moved out of this country.

Please, you will also ignore this letter and respect 
our trust in you by not exposing this transaction, even 
if you are not interested.look forward to working with 
you.thank you.

Truly yours,

Olumide Williams.

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