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[Nettime-bold] Human Capital Software Solutions !!
::bea: on Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:11:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Human Capital Software Solutions !!

Title: Human Capital Software Solutions !!
Human Capital Software Solutions launched its Beta version at Transmediale and is now available for purchase!

Ceo :Beatrice Gibson
Executive Director: Sejal Chad
Executive Technician : Adrian Ward 
Executive Sonitician: Mukul Deora

Human Capital vers. 0.1.017  is piece of voice [text.sound] composition software, packaged as a training tool for call center agents in India. Part tool part satire, the software parodies the 'communication philosophy' of the burgeoning remote processing industry, namely its concept of a generic 'globalised' identity.

At the same time Human Captial attempts to invert the logic of telematic communications structures when appropriated by capital, by allowing, through composition potential, for processes which might frustrate // subvert the mechanisms of modelization and homogeneity.

Users construct, from a library of stock phrases // words // and adopted identities, responses to potential client queries.  Teleworkers can then potentially reappropriate and mutate possible identities, disconnecting from capital.  By dragging text sound clips onto a timeline, much like conventional music software, the software hopes to introduce the potential for mixing // morphing // and mutation within an otherwise mono environment, opening up 'fissures in pattern subjectivity'. Ie This sucks but i can fuck with it.

Human Capital Software version PUBLIC BETA 0.1.017  is currently viewable at