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[Nettime-bold] PLEASE HELP !!!
Emmanuel Savimbi on Mon, 3 Mar 2003 18:51:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] PLEASE HELP !!!

Dear sir/madam,

I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise
due to the fact that we have not yet met each other
before, but please be rest assured that there is no
cause for alarm. 
I am Mr.Emmanuel Savimbi, son of the late
rebel leader Jonas Savimbi of Angola who was killed 
on the 22nd of February 2002. Presently, I am
desperately looking for a trustworthy person to assist
me in this confidential business.

My late father, Jonas Savimbi lodged huge sums of
money realized from the sales of diamonds and other
precious stones / metals in different
banks in Europe. My father is presently no more, and
the movement of his family members (including me) is
highly restricted, all his bank accounts and
properties have been frozen and seized. We are
forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our
immediate localities. Presently, I have just 
discovered a huge deposit made by my father from the
money realized from the last sales of diamonds before
is death amounting to US$28,500,000.00 (TWENTY 
father had deposited this money as diplomatic
consignment with a security firm in Netherlands, I 
have called the security firm and they have confirm to
me that the consignment is with them. I have all the
documents with me right now that is be needed to 
collect the consignment from the security firm, my
father has instructed the security firm in his deposit
request to release consignment to any three family
members which includes myself, my mother and only
sister who is also dead incase of emergency or death.
Right now my family has given me the authority to do
everything possible to get the consignment out as this

is the only hope we have now to bring the family out
of its present poor financial state.

I am therefore soliciting your help to have this
consignment collected by you and the funds transferred
into your account. I will give you all the necessary
documentations to facilitate your collection of the 
consignment personally in Amsterdam. The government
has no or will never have knowledge of this business,
so there is no need to be worried about your safety. I
guarantee you your safety.

Once I have your complete assurance that you can
handle this, I will immediately send to you the
relevant documents that will enable you take
possession of the consignments. This will include
certificate of deposit and shipment airway bill and
all other relevant documents. 

However, in return for all your assistance and
troubles we have decided to offer you 15% of the total
amount of money as your share and 5% for all your
expenses which will include your travel expenses to 
Amsterdam and every other expenses you incur in the
cause of this transaction, such as your telephone
bills etc, this makes a total of 20% my family has 
agreed to give to you for helping us secure the money.

I am waiting for your response to enable us proceed.


Emmanuel Savimbi

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