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[Nettime-bold] investment
dkuv6 on Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:37:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] investment

Dear Sir, 

My name is Sam ige,am the son of the Late 
Minister of Justice and the former 
attorney general of the federations of 
the federal republic of Nigeria Chief 
Bola Ige, who was murdered in cold 
blood last year. Subsequently due to 
the recent crisis including political 
problems has made me to run away to a 
nearby country monitoring events. 

After the assasination of my late 
father,our family attorney disclose to 
us that my father has deposited some 
funds with a Bank security vault,all 
the documents has been handed over to 
me for safe keeping,but due to the 
recent bill endorse by the Senate to 
probe official both in and out of 
government,l use this opportunity to 
reach out in looking for someone who 
can front as my late father's business 
assosciate in claiming the funds. 

Note that you can access this funds 
online before issuing appropriate 
instructions to effect transfer to any 
account that you may norminate for 
this purpose. 

My areas of investment is based on 
importation of items from your company, 
if you have an existing company that will 
be able to handle a capital project 
kindly notify by forwarding your full 
informations and ouline how youintend 
to go about his project. 
As soon as l hear from you,confirming 
your veritable informations that 
you will provide,l will disclose every 
informations that will enable you 
front on behalf of the family. 

Best regards, 

Sam Ige 

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