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<nettime> RECLAIM THE NET!
Paul Garrin on Sun, 30 Jan 2000 09:47:11 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> RECLAIM THE NET!

RepoHistory.org, theSHADOW and NAME.SPACE to Launch RECLAIMTHE.NET

Artist collective RepoHistory http://repohistory.org Lower East Side NY
Alternative paper theSHADOW and Domain Name Pioneer NAME.SPACE are set to
launch ReclaimThe.Net, a campaign to empower independent artists and media
to regain and reclaim the freedom of speech and access that is threatened
by the encroachment of corporate dominance over the net. 

The Power of the network lies at the EDGES.  US Government and
Corporations seek to reign that power back in to the CENTER.  RECLAIM THE
NET is for EVERYONE to come forth and express your voices in solidarity
and against the "Disneyfication" of the net. 

To this end, the domain names "ReclaimThe.Net" and "ReclaimsThe.Net"  have
been established. 

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to participate in a show of
solidarity by making a special page that is devoted to the RECLAIM THE NET
actions.  This can be whatever is deemed appropriate by the participants. 
Then an alternate URL (i.e.  "RepoHistory.ReclaimsThe.Net") will be
directed to their page.  RTN and its technical support will coordinate the
DNS (this is optional, but recommended as a way to use the net and the DNS
to make a clear statement and to show unity on this issue). 

Other "real life" actions and events are planned and will likely evolve
from this call to action. 

Watch out for more information! 


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