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<nettime> Planes and Passenger Lists...
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<nettime> Planes and Passenger Lists...


It's interesting how the net is being used to publish what one might
consider something rather private (at this point in time) - the names of
the passengers aboard the Singapore Airline flight which 'crashed' in

http://www.singaporeair.com/report11.html prints the names of all those
who positively identified as dead. Previous reports off the site
http://www.singaporeair.com publish the names of all passengers and crew
aboard, along with press releases, country details, hurt lists.

It's also interesting the reference the site makes to DNA testing. How
does one positively ID someone via DNA testing unless they had a sample
prior - or maybe they got a sample of the next-of-kin.

I guess it makes it easier for media to go track down kids of the dead and
do some heart-break type stories.

Interested to hear feedback people may have. They must have done this sort
of thing in the old days - publicly publishing the names of dead and

- S.

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