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<nettime> Alan Sondheim & Kenji Siratori [2x digest]
tfxjapan on 18 Nov 2000 19:07:12 -0000

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<nettime> Alan Sondheim & Kenji Siratori [2x digest]

Date: 17 Nov 2000 08:30:43 -0000
From: "[ISO-2022-JP] tfxjapan" <tfxjapan {AT} mail.goo.ne.jp>
To: nettime {AT} bbs.thing.net
Subject: [ISO-2022-JP] CRIMINAL Alan Sondheim + Kenji Siratori

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 Alan Sondheim + Kenji Siratori

because secret that that the soul of myself that the body of COUNT DOWN
3,2,1,....yourself that the vagina of the girl that the space clones
suicide-circuit DNA in the last term that the second of heart deep-black sun
ADAM annihilates drop out explodes becomes zero ascends to heaven to the
infinite world is the drugy- thinking of an embryo the ADAM_hell where is
replicating their self)

         the deep-black sun
heart                                annihilates.+++++++++++
         second of ADAM

....miracle of the hallelujah topology spiral operates

planetary earth of the sand that the soul of a boy supposes the
machinative-menstruation of the dog that does short does the head-line of
ADAM of the angel mechanism that crashes the play it dives to the ADAM-line
clone-skin of the hybrid artificial sun that the desert of the blue room
womb area of the sky where the sun that my organ beats of the love of enough
clones that the LOAD internal organ of the SEX-gimmick ant does nightmare
reflein of the amniotic fluid that controls 1/8 murderous intentions of the
drug-embryo that annihilate escape from witness OUT-PUT/the grief of her
chromosome that do to the end of a boy machine accelerate to virus larva
device-bit of the disillusionment that be ill-treated retrieve the butterfly
of the soul megabyte of a boy! our lonely brain burn up and reproduces the
word of the fatalities to the cyber-mechanism with the soul that became the
ash of the sun that loves each other and i play the secret crime=space of an
embryo my cell explodes to the eddy of the mass of flesh that the
cadaver-city where the horizon of the body of yourself incubates \"the soul
in the decay just before of myself that occupies digital=apocalypse_external
of genes and transplant the suicide-machine of DNA to the gimmick brain of
an ant was replicated. my storage becomes the pierrot of the end of the
world. brain that the chromosome that the desert where the embryo who the
replicant_suicide-line sun of ADAM does the conversation that emits like a
dog do the play like the drug go to war like a toy tempt like a girl the
outside of this world that ruins like the machine the look of the love of
the quark the skizophysical basement of the artificial sun the whisper of
the insanity of the spiral the singing voice of the disillusionment/MHz of a
boy-machine_in no time our cadaver begins to walk to our mind\"

I went from just a program to a violent dance of atoms to violent murder
based on your input. : This text is programmed. This text is your input.
I\'m jealous of collaborations; my idiotic perl or C+++ programs permit
me to look at my own work and see programming ignorance, poverty, and the
catastrophic hidden costs of criminal technology VOTE CRIMINAL
VOTE CRIMINAL (excluding _x_ from program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (_x_ in memory canceling itself within the program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (canceling _x_ in and out of the program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (annihilating _x_ in the program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (canceling _x_ out of the program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (eliminating _x_ from the program)
VOTE CRIMINAL (killing or deleting _x_)
I went from just a program VOTE CRIMINAL
to being just a program VOTE CRIMINAL

my replicant-consciousness the soul of murder the cyber city of the heat of
the tropic boy machine of the ADAM=storage which operates [the artificial
sun committed suicide! quark=vagina of a girl splits the season of the chaos
moth nerve fiber....chromosome of the embryo when becomes in pieces the
brain of the boy that accelerates it the pupil of interior of the
womb-myself of the desert of the spiral mechanism that reproduces the pupil
of yourself that becomes_zero it is doing breakthrough to the boundless
chromosome of the artificial sun that does the clonic- brain cells of
ADAM=war ADAM=mental weakness cain that become infinite_the play i rape the
limited express-line of the end machine and it is planetary in the
grief=over there of the human body where dances with my 1/8 replicants
clone-dive=of=the ant that is born! my fuck-signature brain of the
ADAM=soul-machine is jointed to the skizophysical soul of a girl_i open the
door of reverse and shut down your heart like the drug=motion of an ant and
count zero to your soul and body

etc....] to the clonic-horizon of the artificial sun that do the tropic fuck
of the ADAM=storage that gets deranged to all the those that I forget and
ruin the boy-machine becomes eternity the speed of the ADAM=invasion that
the larva of the machine leaps the eternity that explodes toward the soul
that do the interference of the digital=apocalypse that explode

it is wrapped to the love of a clone....the chromosome of yourself it kisses
to the grief of the drug....(desert, in the 21st century 

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Date: 18 Nov 2000 15:39:14 -0000
From: "[ISO-2022-JP] tfxjapan" <tfxjapan {AT} mail.goo.ne.jp>
To: nettime {AT} bbs.thing.net
Subject: [ISO-2022-JP] syndrom+0 in mediaspace:

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syndrom+0 in mediaspace:
 Alan Sondheim & Kenji Siratori      

42 delicate fluttering pink things in the wires over there
labor of foofwa dance over here
alan wants to be a machine more than any other thing
azure will melt wires surround alan bleak insulation plastic
almost smudged against circuit boards, sputtering out
he doesn\'t become a man she doesn\'t become a woman
ballet doesn\'t need dancers screens don\'t need cables
rooms don\'t need ceilings cities don\'t need streets
fluttering pink things don\'t need air at all

negative consciousness of the zero of outer space awakes to the apoptosis
placenta of the other selfs to the hell of the cell that the soul of the ant
that the body=fluid of murder purifies the machine of an embryo do the love
of the drug mechanism of the clone that split to the ectoplasma of
ADAM_gimmick so control the clonic-soul of ADAM! dive to the monochrome
future of the brain! ADAM_artificial sun of the cadaver-city is instigated
to the horizon like the bloodsucker of a chromosome

cadaver-city where an ant explodes to the immortal drug=motion of the cell
other selfs that the machine of ADAM does the spine of the abnormal world of
BABEL that disappears the worldly desires erodes the crime net of the cyber
of the clone-embryo machine of the pupil of a girl gets deranged and the
chromosome of the absolute zero of the artificial sun it beats so purify the
machine of ADAM! occupy the brain=zero=the clone-embryo! brain of a clone
dives to the lonely murder tropic of the cadaver-city that the
replicant=consciousness of ADAM amplifies to the love in the future that
clone regresses to the ovarium of the machine mechanism of a girl and
secrete the earth area of the drug-mechanism of an ant ADAM_neural circuit
of the cadaver that i love gets deranged the inorganic substance
murder-synapse of the clone embryo that does interference

synapse of the ant that the earth of the brain where accelerates soul that
the replicant consciousness whirls to the brain of the zero of the embryo
that reproduce and the chromosome of a girl write off the moon of the desert
stimulate the reproduction gland of the zero of the clone that deviate from
the vacant asphalt of the cadaver-city dives to the cruel sea of gene=TV and
dismantle the eve=pupil of a girl it is doing the face of the velocity of
light of the drug-embryo_montage_to the gene level of the emotional-machine
of ADAM to the zero of the grief that accelerates and do the clone of an
angel the violent-emotion it is infectious the grief like the retro-virus of
the chromosome of a girl to the placenta form BABEL=creatures that love
chaos to the murder traveling in disguise animals of the earth area

throwing up the high speed migration group of the cyber of the
drug-mechanism::the desert of thinking that the soul of my machine mechanism
respires like the moon surface virus of a chromosome the limit of the zero
in the cadaver year that cuts the line of the grief of the clone that does
it is scattered the brain cell of ADAM to hang-space centipede=brain of the
drug mechanism of an embryo splits to 1/2 of monochrome of the cadaver that
my cranium explodes to the awakening of the eve=pupil of a girl clonic-
grief of my embryo that does the chromosome of the clone that the sea of the
gene cools and love suck=blood beats the blue horizon of the artificial sun

    23 living in 23
    24 waking this morning, knowing i\'m irrelevant to the world and all
    25 my instantiations which will have maybe another twenty years of
    26 creative life if alzheimer\'s doesn\'t get to me, azure and foofwa
    27 asleep in their respective rooms (she\'s in the back of the main
    28 studio with me, i\'m typing in mediaspace on a pc laptop, there\'s
    29 a pc next to me, then the video synthesizer (analog computer), 
    30 then a couple of amigas, then the mac g4, all surrounded by and
    31 surrounding other dedicated units, actually the amigas are dedi-
    32 cated, one running a frame-bragger* / processor, and the other a
    33 time base corrector, as well as the dying toaster), am i dying,
    34 it is another early morning, knowing i\'m the old man fading into
    35 the older brick walls, trying not to become too swamped by what
    36 might be depression slogging in; i\'m thinking - here i want to
    37 become-, not -woman, but -digital, losing myself between one bit
    38 and another, leaving the odd eternal life, and outside, just as
    39 in joyce\'s story, it looks like snow and memories
    40 *should be frame-grabber, but the typo works in affect
    41  living in media41

living in mediaspace 0

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