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<nettime> Amazon: problem solved
David Mandl on 31 Jan 2001 12:20:22 -0000

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<nettime> Amazon: problem solved

An excerpt from an article in today's WSJ about Amazon's announcement
of job cuts and closings: Oh, by the way...



Warehouse to Close

After spending aggressively in 1999 to build an empire of warehouses
across the U.S., Amazon said it will close one of those facilities in
McDonough, Ga., and begin to operate another, in Seattle, only
seasonally. Amazon also said it will shutter its Seattle
customer-service center, a move that immediately provoked
disappointment from union representatives who had been trying to
organize Amazon employees at that facility.

Warren Jenson, Amazon's chief financial officer, said the decision to
close the customer-service center was unrelated to the union activity
in Seattle.  Mr. Jenson said the layoffs across the company were
"painful but extremely necessary" for Amazon to achieve profitability
and long-term success.



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