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<nettime> craig is fake???
Wessel on 2 Apr 2001 03:29:00 -0000

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<nettime> craig is fake???

DISTRIBUTION: LOCAL (California, San Francisco/Bay Area)

Craigslist Confirms that "Craig" Is A Myth

SAN FRANCISCO - In a cost-cutting move, craigslist.org announced today
that it will discontinue its popular but fictional "Craig" icon, citing
market pressures, and the need to re-focus on its core business.

As early as 1995, craigslist had sought to present a humane,
community-minded, sexy face to the world - and accordingly, invented an
idealized figure to symbolize their organization.

"Craig" came to personify the Internet Man of the New Millenium - smart,
hunky, and compassionate. More recently, the character's crime fighting
activities brought him new fame as the archetypal "Digital Badass."

Today, craigslist confessed that there is no "Craig".

Marking the end of an era, "Craig" takes his rightful place amongst
fictional has-beens like "Betty Crocker", "Jolly Green Giant", and
republocrats "Bill Clinton" and "George W Bush".

Recent "Craig" sightings are reputed to have been paid appearances by
Jason Alexander, famed for his George Costanza character from Seinfeld.

"I don't really care whether I exist," Craig allegedly explained, "I just
need a nap".

About craigslist:

www.craigslist.org was started in the SF Bay Area by "Craig Newmark" in
1995. The site includes a community bulletin board with classifieds. The
organization uses a common-sense, down-to-earth approach and works to make
the net more personal and authentic.  It advocates social responsibility
and promotes small, local non-profit organizations.

Craigslist currently serves 50 million page views per month, and is ranked
among the world's 125 busiest websites (Alexa).  In a recent study,
Forrester Research recognized craigslist as the most efficient internet
job website, noting the company's dedication to quality customer service
and regional focus (WSJ 4/2000). The site has expanded to other cites,
including LA, New York, Boston, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, DC, and

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