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<nettime> webzine national censorship in Italy
Lorenzo Taiuti on Sun, 22 Apr 2001 17:53:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> webzine national censorship in Italy

Dear Chiara & Annarita &Paola &Nettimers
The problems arised by this new Law about Press in Italy that has 
involved (up to a certain point) the Web comunications are apparently 
not to be solved immediately.
First because the law applications in italy are extremely twisted and 
difficult to track, and even more difficult to apply. ( We could count 
many examples).
Second (and more important)  beacause we seem to apply laws very much 
depending on the government we have.
So i detach my position from Chiara, Annarita, Paola (or Ludovico).
The most important fact about this Law is that "something" is been 
"told" and "defined" about the Web.
As the simple fact that Web can be directed with the same laws of paper 
& Tv comunications.
For the moment every restriction seems to be related to the "financing" 
that every "news" can ask the government.
And only in that case your "news" are supposed to be controlled juridically.
But the Real Focus Is:
The interpretations of the law depends on the Government.
"Alice in Wonderland"  says "The problem is the meaning of words..." 
"No!..The problem is who is using the words and for what!..."
Who is going to govern in Italy after 13 of May elections??
The centre-right governement has based his power so far on Tv Media.
Web is the Next .
Lorenzo Taiuti

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