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<nettime> map of democratic power (4/4)
brian carroll on Tue, 29 May 2001 07:51:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> map of democratic power (4/4)

 Public Policy proposal: A Power System that Serves People

 The following map is not limited to its "United Statesian"
 origins in the sallow private energy policies that are
 bringing the country and the world towards rapid ruin,
 in the name of business, at the expense of everything else.

 The public, human interest must be served in public policy,
 and it is currently not, in anywhere. There is an ecosystem
 which underlies the Internet and all electronic media and
 technologies which predetermines its future course, and it
 is guided by an industrial philosophy:

 Without a democratic power system, democratic media and
 technology cannot be sustained. This is evident in the way
 free speech and attempts to change the system that exists
 leads to violence and opposition, not collaboration and
 innovation. It is time for public and private citizens to
 join in the effort to guide our energy future, for all of
 our heat, light, and power, in addition to our access to
 electronic communications depends upon a just, balanced,
 and sustainable democratic power system.

 Yet today, to question Energy Policy is to poke at the heart
 of the National and International Security State. And to become
 an enemy, or terrorist, of the status quo industrial order of
 things. That means, be quite, accept global warming, the threat
 of rolling blackouts, and the unquestionable need for nuclear
 missiles and nuclear missile defenses as a way to keep stability
 in the geopolitical theatre. Needless to say, Energy Policy does
 not need to be this way. But it is intimately tied with the
 special interests in both the public and private sector, with
 public officials and industries, in effect private men and women,
 determining the course of humanity based upon what is currently
 possible within a thoroughly broken democratic bureaucracy.
 There is no freedom in this system - only obedience. There is
 no dissent, only fear. There is no cooperation, only surveillance.
 And until we, as citizens of the world, human beings, stick together
 and voice our needs, and demand that they be addressed within our
 policies, will things begin to change. Else, there is only war,
 only opposition. Only Great Powers fighting for the life-blood
 of the industrial order, fossil and nuclear fuels that are the
 cause of the strange weather, the massive inefficiency of the
 current power network (more than 66% of electrical energy is lost
 to waste heat due to an inefficient industrial infrastructure that
 works for making money, but destroys our democracies as a result.)

 This is not a political question. It is not about political parties,
 one being right, the other wrong. It is not about holding individuals
 responsible for the broken energy system we inherited. No one could
 predict the unfolding of electrical technologies to the extent that
 we can communicate globally at the speed of light, today. Yet, we
 need to use this electronic communications tool to find a common
 ground, common goals, regardless of politics- as people we need to
 be able to discuss what future we want to create, and make it real.

 Please contact your public representatives with this message. Forward
 it to your friends and colleagues. And to your power companies and
 others whom are interested in working towards change. We can stop
 wars for natural resources, and change the geopolitical stage to
 one that addresses human needs and rights, and not energy profits
 and sustaining an unsustainable and unethical system of power.

 Join the non-politically-affiliated Public Energy Network-list,
 where the P.E.N. can become, with effort, mightier than the sword.
 Let's work for a collaboration with those already in these sectors,
 government, energy, public policy, economics, and add in other
 voices, such as educators, architects, sociologists, and artists,
 as the Electrical Infrastructure is at the base of Cyberspace, of
 the online electronic internetwork. If it is not free, we cannot be.

 The PEN-list precedes an organizational project to create a set of
 human goals, common regardless of political inclination, a win-win
 scenario. As human beings we can find our commonality in public policy
 that can be shared by people and governments around the world. What
 is good for North America or Europe need not be bad for China, Russia,
 Africa, South America, or elsewhere. This is the only way, by finding
 common language, and a shared understanding of the situation we are
 now facing as a world, to deal proactively, if quite late, to change
 the outcome of the Geopolitics of International Security end-game.

 If we can responsibly question authority in groups, not with reason,
 but with logic, as reason as a tool of discourse no longer exists,
 then we will be able to invert the pyramid of electrical power to
 serve people, and not the other way around. And with it, freedoms
 to reclaim the infrastructure as a human (public and private) project
 will enable us to build a sustainable society.

 Bring your ideas, your civic sense of duty, and your support for
 others doing the work. And let us try to change the future, today.

 Subscribe to the PEN-list (PEN-l: democratic energy policy by and
 for humans worldwide) and the Electronetwork-list (Electronetwork-l:
 Electromagnetism/Infrastructure/Civilization) at Openflows.org :::

 ==>>   http://lists.openflows.org/

 the Electromagnetic Internetwork
'matter, energy, and in-formation'

 brian thomas carroll, facilitator
 human {AT} electronetwork.org


 (map 4 of 4, map of democratic poewr, from the upcoming 'seeing
 cyberspace' project from http://www.electronetwork.org ...)

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