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<nettime> first statement from the imprisoned theatre activists
florian schneider on Mon, 6 Aug 2001 01:05:46 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> first statement from the imprisoned theatre activists

info {AT} noborder.org

this is a text written in the jail in alessandria. its autorized from
all the imprisoned aktivists of the PublixTheatreCarwan in the jails of
alessandria and voghera .... please spreed out widley - put it on
websites and mailinglists

thank you

NoBorder - NoNation - NoPrison 

Cultural stiff 01    

"freedom of movement" is the main concern of the european
NOborder-network and the Publixtheatrecaravan - Volxtheaterkarawane
which is embedded in the network in the summer of 2001. 

We are on tour from Nickelsdorf over Salzburg, Lendava (Slo),
Eisenkappel (A), Genova (I) to Frankfurt/Main (D), where we never
arrived because of our arrests after the G8-summit in Genua. Tourdiary:

So far we felt like air castles builder, cyberartists, jugglers and
scrutinizing nomads. As a theatregroup we feel obliged to the tradition
of improvisation and we dont let put ourselves in costumes which try to
knit makeup out of woolen hats. 

About our arrestment: &#61623; 3 hours in front of shtoguns and MG4's
pointing on us - finger on the trigger &#61623; records about us were
made by the italian police - hittings, kickings and humiliations
&#61623; no sleep (under threats) 

Later (after 30 hours) in prison:

- no telephone calls 
- until now nearly no contact to lawyers 
- bad interpreters (during the time while they proved the reasons for
our arrestments) 
- no access to media 
- for six days nothing to write 
- nektor, z nas nemali ziaden kontakt s konzulatum 
- nothing to read or juggle 

Although we have been split - without reason - from the arrested women,
from the outside world and therefore from information we try to take a
stand with following demands: 

- Our protest and our political claim 
- no matter which time and which place - will carry our specific
cultural expression which we will develope 
- we demand to stop the classification of people in "wanted" and
"unwanted" and the stop of the restriction of the freedom of the
movement like f.e. the duty of residence for people seeking for asylum
or the producing of lists about political unwelcomed people. 
- we demand the stop of all proceedings concerning the G8-protests and
the freedom for all prisoners who were arrested because of G8-protests
and the solving of the happenings in Genua in particular the death of
Carlos Giuliani and the storming of "Scuola Diaz" 
- we want to leave the prisons together with our dog Pogo, with our
theatre props, our kitchen, our vehicles, computer, cameras and our
stinkin' socks. 

We are not swedes, australians, americans, slovacians, germans,
austrians - we are Publixtheatrecaravan 

We work out a play in which we take a stand to everything that happened
during our tour. For us theatre is an important political expression.
This play should help to clear and digest all the happenings we are
confrontated with now. 
Working title: Genova 
Premiere: uncertain 

PS: Greetings to the bordercamp at the airport in Frankfurt/Main and to
all people outside there who declared their solidarity! Abolition of
internment and deportation - worldwide NOborder - NOnation - NOone is

The Imprisoneds of the PublixTheatreCarawan  in the jail of Alessandria

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