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Re: <nettime> Casarini's Interview with Il Manifesto
david turgeon on Wed, 8 Aug 2001 17:55:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Casarini's Interview with Il Manifesto

a few short notes due to unusually hot weather...

>It's these last factors that bring me to say that the phase of civil
>disobedience has been exhausted.

civil disobedience is not a lost cause.  but (as far as i know) it is 
mostly an american tradition & even there, it still doesn't ring right on 
the newscast.  which brings me to:

>Two, three years ago we thought at length about how
>to act in a conflict without it becoming destructive.  Our technique was
>different: we stated publicly what we wanted to do, letting it be known
>that if the police attacked us, we would defend ourselves only with
>shields and padding.  It was our rule because it was essential that we
>create conflict and consensus about the objectives that we set-up for

the point here (the need to "create conflict" which could catalyze social 
change) is interesting & probably accurate.  in that respect, the usual 
response from the media to such (necessary) announcements is rather apathic 
& the announcement itself comes pretty much unnoticed by most.  thus when 
global sodiers do charge on such so-called violent groups of protesters, 
the original intent of the protesters is lost on everyone.

once again, part of the key towards more accurate mass-communication seems 
to imply cracking the mass-media...

...or, probably more constructively, working on refining & credibilizing 
existing independent media organizations, perhaps creating new, more 
specialized units.  & food for the journalists maybe.

~ david

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