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Re: <nettime> from the dotcom observatory, part II
David Mandl on Tue, 14 Aug 2001 15:28:03 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> from the dotcom observatory, part II

Yeah, that Gilder piece is really rich (no pun intended).  One thing I
can say about a lot of disgraced market forecasters, past and present:
They _generally_ "take it like a man" when their predictions turn out
to be blatantly wrong.  They may sniff about their timing being off or
some such, but they don't often blame someone else outright.  So it
turns out that Gilder's just a coward and a baby.  Waah!

What this shows (among other things) is how every dork who could
master a couple of buzzwords became a market guru in the '90s.
Technology columnist Jim Seymour was magically transformed into a
tech-stock prognosticator on theStreet.com just because he knew
something about technology.  But that's not the same as knowing
anything about the market: Anyone who made investments based on
Seymour's very impressive-sounding columns is a _lot_ poorer now.  But
I bet Seymour's more humble than "heavyweight thinkers" like Gilder
and Negroponte.



On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, geert lovink wrote:

> (Besides a few more dotcoms filing for bankrupcy, attention is now
> shifting to the world of consultants and analysts that talked up the
> tech stocks. Some of them are in the petty crime category such as
> Morgan Stanleys Mary Meeker who's got a few law suits running
> against her. But more of interest for the nettimers is perhaps the
> way in which George Gilder is trying to talk himself out of
> mysery. His motto, as to be expected from liberatarian
> fundamentalists: blame it on the government.

Dave Mandl
dmandl {AT} panix.com
davem {AT} wfmu.org

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