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<nettime> The Anti-DMCA Index
Jon O . on Sat, 18 Aug 2001 16:47:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The Anti-DMCA Index

                The Anti-DMCA Index

                   August 2001


The most recent version of this document can be found here:

1. Amount Cornell University Library pays for subscription to "Journal of Applied Polymer Science":  $12,495.00

2. Amount charged to University Libraries for subscription to "Journal of Economic Studies":  $13.40/page

3. Number of people who find the $13.40 per page ironic:  3 out of 4

4. Number of Project Gutenberg Etexts converted by voluteers: 3,551

5. Current "Cost" per Etext based on 3,481 texts: $2.87 per text

6. Number of Scientists worldwide boycotting Corporate Science Journals beginning September 2001: 26,000

7. Number of college and research institutions "Declaring Independence" by publishing themselves: 200

8. Number of days DMCA arrestee Dmitry Sklyarov spent in jail:  13

9. Number of jails he spent them in:  4

10. Amount charged to taxpayers for those 13 days:  $4,000

11. Window of time Microsoft and the American Association of Publishers (AAP) can engage in
        their cooperative Internet surveillance program: 24x7x365

12. Number of AAP members who apparently support the Internet surveillance program: 250

13. Number of "companies" which control the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA):  4

14. Number of Executive Directors who appear to control the DVD Copy Control Association:  1

15. Amount one company charges for eBook encryption security: $3,000

16. Number of letters one must rotate the alphabet to decrypt that book: 13 (ROT-13)

17. Amount recovered in recent "software raid" conducted by BSA.org against Minneapolis Company: $260,000

18. Number of disgruntled employees who may report you to the BSA resulting in a "software raid.":  1

19. Number of Irish software companies currently being sued by BSA.org:  7

20. Companies BSA represents in those cases: Adobe, Autodesk, Macromedia, Microsoft and Symantec

21. Number of cities included in July 2001 BSA "Truce" Campaign:  5

22. Number of states which experienced Raids conducted by FBI on July 24 commended by BSA:  9

23. Number of proported jobs lost from software piracy in study conducted by BSA.org:  109,000

24. Amount an eBook customer may be fined for a backup not permited by the Publisher: $250,000

25. Amount of time that customer might spend in jail:  5 years

26. Number of restrictions placed on "Alice in Wonderland" (public domain) eBook:  5

27. Maximum penalty for reading "Alice in Wonderland" aloud (possible DMCA violation):  5 years jail

28. Maximum penalty for having a "pirate" copy of "Planet of the Apes": 10 years jail/$2M fine

29. Average sentence for commiting Rape: 5 years


Information provided by anti-dmca.org

Please feel free to email, post, print, etc. this information.

Additions, contributions and comments are welcome here:

This index actually contains a scrambled (stenanographically hidden) version of
Britney Spear's new single. However, we can't find the key so we're not quite
sure it's there either.

Harper's Interactive Index



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