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<nettime> information cannot be (re)produced, (re)distributed
wade tillett on Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:39:58 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> information cannot be (re)produced, (re)distributed

> From: David Teh <dteh {AT} arthist.usyd.edu.au>
> Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 7:03 AM
> Subject: <nettime> Information Cannot B[audrillard, etc]
> ...
> Information need only circulate.  Forget about production:
> production = regulation; consumption = regulation
> This circulation is what Baudrillard would call simply
> which we all know no longer needs to be predicated upon some prior
> 'production' - especially now that even *we* may be reproduced by
> same spontaneous reproduction of the code - to think we held this
> fractal capacity in every cell, right from the start! ...

Is not the biggest drawback of genetic design the fact that the
organism produced lives, i.e. interacts with an environment and
escapes control. That is, genetic design can only produce
probabilities of interactions with environs, and must simultaneously
control these environs. Genetic design fails not to design life, but
fails in its assumption that life can be designed. The product of
genetic design is 'life' as expected and probabilized, any deviation,
any 'real' life is failure of design. This is why nanotech seems so
much more suited for the current digital (re)production thinking. You
could immediately assemble your design, molecule by molecule, without
those annoying interactions. Nanotech conforms much more easily to the
life/matter = information equation than does genetic (re)production.
Don't tell everyone theorizing about how life can be boiled down to a
DNA molecule though... that would kill a whole landscape of
life = genetics = information speculation. Not to mention the damage it 
would do to the reverse equation in which 
the freedom of information = the freedom of life.

> For information,
> the code, is apt to produce itself, to reproduce (by) itself.

The underlying argument of this (re)production thinking being that
power lies in the control of (re)distribution rather than in the act of
(re)production? Freedom  _within_  circulation?

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