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RE: <nettime> New Left history/Joshka Fischer/Kosovo
Curt Hagenlocher on Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:08:55 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> New Left history/Joshka Fischer/Kosovo

> From: Michael Benson [mailto:michael.benson {AT} pristop.si]
> For a fascinating and lengthy (ten sections; 42 pages, 
> single-spaced) look back at three-plus decades of the West
> European New Left and its complex, multi-cellular evolutionary
> path, check out Paul Berman's text in the latest New Republic
> Online. It's well worth taking the time to print and read, imo.

I absolutely agree with this.

> It's titled "The Passion of Joschka Fischer", and skilfully 
> uses Fischer's personal story as a kind of prism.
> http://www.thenewrepublic.com/082701/berman082701_print.html

The German weekly _Der_Spiegel_ had an interview with Fischer
two weeks ago which fits nicely with this story.  In part, he
responds to some criticism from Daniel Cohn-Bendit on the
issue of the G-8 protests.

Some quotes are

Fischer: I warn only of two dangers: violence and an overriding
radical leftist ideology.  '68 had two central mistakes:
violence and radical leftist ideology.  Those mistakes shouldn't
be repeated.  I have already seen many social movements fall
apart in the 'violence' trap."


SPIEGEL: So you have become the prisoner of your three-piece
Fischer: The three-piece suit, you can accept for what it is...
SPIEGEL: ...a disguise...
Fischer: ...not a disguise, but work clothing.  The suit is
like protocol -- both help to prevent errors in international
dealings.  In a suit, you're never underdressed in any culture
around the world.

Curt Hagenlocher
curth {AT} motek.com

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