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<nettime> a handful of dust digest [roya, hung, callboy]
nettime's_rubbish_brigade on Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:35:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> a handful of dust digest [roya, hung, callboy]

roya// <roya {AT} girlfish.net>
     perspectives [ Afghanistan // terrorism.com]
Christina Hung <xtinaxtina {AT} earthlink.net>
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net_CALLBOY <play {AT} ubermorgen.com>

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 03:08:44 +0100
From: roya// <roya {AT} girlfish.net>
Subject: perspectives [ Afghanistan // terrorism.com]

'The chickens have come home to roost'.

BURHAN WAZIR ON THE TALIBAN   *   via http://www.ammocity.com

Islamic fundamentalism is best explained by the following deceptively
simple anecdote. Back in 1996, as the Taliban gained control of Kabul,
finally banishing the Mujahideen government, Burhanuddin Rabbani, to the
northern citadel of Faizabad, a group of young Taliban soldiers went down
to Kabul Zoo to take an inventory of its inhabitants.

The Afghan-Russian war of nearly 20 years had, of course, reduced the
previously famed zoo, once a hallmark of south east Asia, to rubble. Its
exhibits had either been killed in the wars, or even eaten by Kabul's
aid-starved residents. And as the young Talibscrossed a path through the
crumbling and long abandoned facility, they took a grim total of the zoo's
remaining creatures: a goat, a monkey and one emaciated and sorrowful lion.

One young Taliban soldier, originally hailing from the Panjsher valley,
stared into the lion enclosure - his face blushed with rage. "This is not a
real lion," he pronounced. "The lions of Panjsher valley are ten times
fiercer than this beast." And with a cry, he unhooked a grenade from his
belt and threw it into the den. He then watched in disbelief as the
explosive device rolled away from the King of the Jungle detonating only to
leave the beast with slight cosmetic facial injuries.

Outraged, the Talib leapt over the fence to wrestle the lion. His death was
swift and neat and locals watched horrified as the lion walked back to its
cave. So seemed the end of the tale, until the Talib's brother heard of his
family's latest loss. The younger brother sped to the zoo and, staring the
lion down, announced his revenge: "You have taken my blood. Now I will take
yours." And failing to glean any erudition from his brother's example, this
young soldier too leapt over the fence and was immediately spoiled. The
lion survives to this day.

It's perhaps the best example of indefatigable Islamic rage, as told to me
earlier this year, when I spent one week among the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Having spent the previous week in Faizabad with the near-liberal (by
Taliban standards only) opposition forces of the Northern Alliance, I found
the young Taliban soldiers unflinching in their interpretation of Islam,
and many spoke of wreaking Islamic revenge on America 'the sponsor of
terrorism across the Muslim world’.

Almost identitkit, as if from the same mould, all dressed in foreboding
black shalwaar kameez and equally unfriendly head coverings, the young
Talibs had all been instilled with a unique set of religious principals.
"We do not expect the West to understand people like us or Osama Bin
Laden," said my guide from the Ministry Of Tourism And Cultural Affairs. He
continued proudly: "So why should we hand him over? We see him as a kind of
saviour. He has done so much to make Islam popular and known throughout the
world." Throughout the Middle East, as in Afghanistan, as on the killing
fields of Gaza and Jerusalem, Islamic fundamentalism has its roots in the
failure of Arab leadership. Young Arabs, disillusioned with a 20 year
history of failing peace processes, are to be found denouncing Yasser
Arafat just as easily as they condemn the United States.

Less we judge events too quickly, let us not forget the huge swathes of
American society that also harbour grievances against the state. Last
night, close to the site of yesterday's bombings in New York, young African
American men in Brooklyn took to the streets and chanted a phrase
previously employed by Malcolm X on the assassination of JFK in 1963: 'The
chickens have come home to roost'. (Burhan Wazir)


Thought the following might be also of certain interest
to some of you:

The who's is who of world terrorism -

Guide to international anti-terrorism units -


(..?) The US Terrorism Research Centre about themselves:

'The TRC maintains a network of terrorism and information warfare
specialists drawn from industry, government, and academia in the United
States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, France, and Australia. By
convening an international network of experts in cyberspace, the TRC
represents the next generation of collaborative research and analysis
sharing. Similarly, the TRC is managed by a Board of Directors who
represent the next generation of terrorism andinformation warfare
experts. The TRC has produced a number of independent studies, including
a comprehensive overview of US policy, strategy, programs, and budget to
combat terrorism, produced for a US industry customer.'

(well, they certainly tuned themselves into 'this historic moment' ...
and some new sponsors from what we use to call wall street would
probably come in handy, too. oh dear, when the tuff get going...)


take care *
OK 21.Century//   roya*

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:11:40 -0400
Subject: Re: <nettime> Sender: nettime-l-request {AT} bbs.thing.net
From: Christina Hung <xtinaxtina {AT} earthlink.net>

While I am looking forward to analysis of tuesday's events by the nettime
community, I feel it's really too early for this kind of cynicism.  Is this
truly your intention or am I reading along a line of > traditional human

on 9/12/01 11:21 PM, Alan Sondheim at sondheim {AT} panix.com wrote:

> -
> o what we are doing is writing stories. this is what i was doing when it
> happened: this is what i felt: this is what i heard
> oo this is what i was doing when it happened: this is what i felt: this is
> what i heard

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:32:03 +0200
From: net_CALLBOY <play {AT} ubermorgen.com>
Subject: viewpoint::ATTACK_ON_DEMOCRAZY


  due to the impossibility of direct and PURE expression
  via nettime [i was told by some indivudial named felix,
  that simple! url postings were not allowed for ppl like
  me, because they are not being considered as serious
  discussion contributions], so i feel urged to write down
  some words in order to be able to communicate with the
  nettime community.

  the shock-marketing and MEDIA HACKING aspects of the
  ATTACK_ON_DEMOCRAZY are my theoretical focus::


  Re: 11 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 23

  the question of true or false, him or her, CNN or indy-
  media, bird or cat... can under no circumstances be of
  value in the aftermath of this world wide media shock and
  masspsychosis. some media hackers [currently described as
  terrorists] have intelligently attacked central symbols of
  the american governement and society with low-tech
  instruments such as knives, brains, money and flight-
  education. the media impact, and therefore the global shock,
  can be understood and interpreted as highly pervert and
  intelligent act of communication. like traditional artists,
  "they" have scanned the networks and infrastructures in
  order to find weakpoints. then they acted accordingly and
  underwent all forms of repression, observation and financial,
  logistic and psychologial problems. they hit right on target
  with precision.

  now the impact of this subversive act is on the one hand
  extremly tragic [the human pain and fear is hard to imagine],
  on the other hand it is a shock wave which will overthrow
  and break, which will generate immense dynamics in various
  global and national communities and therefore generates its
  own reality. the political and military implications can some-
  how be imagined, the psychological implications are harder to
  imagine, the artistic implications are felt instantly. although,
  i have to admit that this action is clearly inbetween
  traditional forms of hacking [considered illegal under various
  national laws] and new forms of media hacking [considered legal
  form of action]. the media action consists of a majority of
  legal components, the physical action, if it took place the way
  we imagine and see through televised and networked communication],
  consists of illegal components:

  "the legal aspect of media hacking is important to note, as it
  seperates media hacking from tradtional forms of hacking. media
  hackers expoit weak spots within social, commercial, political,
  and technical networks and implement disinformation via these
  subverted interfaces. media hacking asks for chuzpeh in producers.
  media hackers cannot be afraid of playing with information and
  information distribution, but rather have to be able to witfully
  play with these mechanisms. bad strategies can result in personally
  catastrophic scenarios, and successful gaming present the winners
  with the grand prize in the worldwide market for media attention."
  lizvlx from ubermorgen, c17 [computer chaos club conference,
  12/2000, berlin]

  so, who will take the grand prize of this [media] hack? who will
  put his brand/logo on top of it? who will be able to negate
  responsibility due to artistic argumentation of non-liability and
  freedom of artistic expression? who understands the U.S.
  constitution and its weakpoints well enough to produce a legal
  basis for the media hack-components of this action in the future?

  live and uncensored.. from bronx.sil.at, the nyc-mother of vhost
  www.naziline.com.. live-capture filtered trough hans_extrem
  and nikon..


  Re: 11 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 23

  in the tradition of till eulenspiegel, adolf hitler and etoy...



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      its different cause its fundamently different

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