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<nettime> Australian government wants access to your SMS and email
Julian Assange on Sat, 11 May 2002 14:01:42 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Australian government wants access to your SMS and email

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Australia needs your help!

The Howard government is using the `war on terrorism' as justification
to introduce so called `Asian Values' (a euphonism used by Mahathir
to explain his governments removal of rights from the Malaysian
people) into Australia.

The government is at this very moment attempting to pass legislation
to reclassify SMS and emails as "non-communication" so that it
doesn't need a warrant to read them, legislation to strip search
and hold children as young as 10 in custody indefinitely without
the right to speak to their parents or a lawyer, legislation to
ban any political party or union the say of single minister and
legislation to removes the right to silence. There need not be
any terrorism or suspected terrorism involved.

The proposed legislation goes even further than Malaysia's notorious
Internal Security Act. Many of the democratic rights we have
cherished as Australians are in peril.  Unless the Labor Party is
forced to join with the Greens and Democrats in blocking the proposed
terror laws in the Senate the government will gain extreme powers
to crack down on everything from civil dissent to speaking the
wrong way to a bureaucrat. Not just this government. All possible
future governments.

Australians do not need these kind of `Asian Values'.

 "Bloody government! But how can I help?"

	1) Forward this email to 10 friends/work associates.

	2) Send this SMS to 10 of your friends:
           "Urgent! Howard wants 2 spy on ALL sms msgs & email
            See terrorlaws.iq.org. Pls fwd to 10 friends!"

	3) If you're in Melbourne, come to the Rally at 1 PM,
           Saturday May 11 2002 at the GPO cnr Bourke & Elizabeth sts.
	   Bring a friend!

	4) See the Terror Laws campaign site http://terrorlaws.iq.org/
           which has extensive background information, media reports
	   and interviews.

	5) Subscribe to the campaign discussion list:

	6) Talk about what's happening with your family and work
           mates and tell then what you intend on doing something about it

	7) For more information call 03 9391 2244

Most importantly:
  WRITE RING OR FAX : SIMON CREAN, ALP Tel: (02) 6277 4022 Fax: (02) 6277 8495
  And say you and your family will NOT VOTE for the ALP if it doesn't
  strongly oppose these undemocratic laws.

THIS WEEK is the most important week of the campaign. The ALP is
could go eitherway based on a single phone call. Make history.

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