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RE: <nettime> victory or peace?
W R E Reynolds on Tue, 28 May 2002 09:34:09 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> victory or peace?

While I am no fan of the dim-witted fools who govern the USA (whether in
Minnesota or Missouri), any argument suggesting that the populist
political leaders you mentioned have anything in common with the
so-called "right-wing" movements in Europe is ridiculously simplistic.

Even within Europe the factors giving rise to these new political forces
are very different from country to country.

W.  Richard  Reynolds de La Rochelle
journalist / writer / polemicist / semi-semiotician
>The states of Minnesota, Michigan, Idaho and Texas all have Le Pen type 
>overnors. In the US, Le Pen would probably be a 'New Democrat.'  And Pim 
>Fortyn would have been mayor of San Francisco.  The US is by far the most 
>conservative country on earth. Get it, you guys.  The newest trend, making 
>it illegal to breast feed a child in a public place.

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