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Table of Contents:

     - G a r r e t t - <garrett {AT} asquare.org>                                         

   body shaped interface                                                           
     Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>                                               

   greenpepper BORDERS edition online!!                                            
     =alex= <aggy {AT} myspinach.org>                                                     

   L_Oy + ocial iction                                                             
     "<__lo-y. >" <loy {AT} myrealbox.com>                                                

   When Hypertext became uncool                                                    
     "Henning Ziegler" <hziegler {AT} zedat.fu-berlin.de>                                 

   December Isuue - fine art forum                                                 
     Tracey Benson <tracey.benson {AT} anu.edu.au>                                        

   Announcing issue 5.6 of M/C Journal: 'love'                                     
     "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>                

   REALTOKYO MM Vol. 107                                                           
     Andreas <andreas {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>                                               

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 17:01:18 +0000
From: - G a r r e t t - <garrett {AT} asquare.org>

Hello everyone

The Banner Art Collective announces winner of Buy Nothing Day contest.

The Banner Art Collective's Buy Nothing Day contest received 15 
banners from artists in France, the UK, and the US. Thanks to all 
artists for a great and varied group of entries.

Many entries were strong, so contest officials almost decided to 
split the grand prize of $0 (USD) between several entries.  
Ultimately, though, the grand prize was awarded to Zebra3's 
"buy-sell(f) nothing," a banner which subverts the textuality of 
corporate logos to good effect.  Zebra3's banner will be featured on 
the Banner Art Collective's front page (http://www.bannerart.org/) 
through the holiday buying season.

Buy Nothing Day (November 29th in the US and Canada, November 30th in 
Europe and elsewhere) is an annual international event held to 
protest the unoffical opening day of holiday shopping.  It is 
organized by the Adbusters Media Foundation 
(http://www.adbusters.com/). Now in its eleventh year, Buy Nothing 
Day is a 24-hour consumer fast and celebration of sustainable living. 
Over one million people around the world are expected to participate.

As always, the Banner Art Collective (http://www.bannerart.org/) 
continues to collect new entries for its ongoing banner art 
collection.  From November 29 through February 4, the site will be 
included in the Edith-Russ Site for Media Art exhibition "Total 
Überzogen" (http://www.oldenburg.de/edith-russ-haus/) in Oldenburg, 
Germany.  The group plans to stage several banner art "happenings" 
within commercial advertising space in early 2003.


Salut tous

Le Banner Art Collective announce le gagnant de le "Buy Nothing Day" concours.

Le "Buy Nothing Day" (achete rien jour) concours de le "Banner Art 
Collective" a recu 15 banniere's de artistes en France, Angleterre et 
Etais Unis.  On remerci tout qui a participe au concours.

Le qualite de banniere's entre dans le concours etait forte et on a 
presque decide a diviser le grand prix de $0 (USD) soit 0¤ entre 
plusiers artistes.  Finalemant on a decide le gagnant est Zebra3 avec 
son banniere "buy-sell(f) nothing," un bannier qui manipule le 
utilisation de plusiers logo commercial avec de results interessant.  
Le banniere de Zebra3 va ete heberge sur le page d'acceuil de le 
Banner Art Collective (http://www.bannerart.org/) juste au fin de 

"Buy Nothing Day" (Novembre 29 en Etais Unis et Canada, Novembre 30 
en Europe et ailleurs) est un fete international contre cette saison 
de Noel qui est de plus en plus un vacances commercialise.  Il est 
organise par le "Adbusters Media Foundation" 
(http://www.adbusters.com/).  En existence depuis 11 ans, "Buy 
Nothing Day" est un abstinence de toute qui est commercialise qui 
duree 24 heures.  Plus de un million gens sont estime a participe 
cette an.

Le Banner Art Collective (http://www.bannerart.org/) continue a 
herberge de bannieres pour notre exposition de banner art.  Jusqu'a 
fevrier 4, le site va participe dans le exposition "Total Überzogen" 
au Musee de Edith-Russ site pour Media Art 
(http://www.oldenburg.de/edith-russ-haus/) en Oldenburg, Allemagne.  
Nous commence a organise de banner art "evenements" qui reprend de 
espace commercial en 2003.


Garrett {AT} asquare.org     



Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 09:05:38 -0500
From: Ana Viseu <ana.viseu {AT} utoronto.ca>
Subject: body shaped interface

[The OpenDoorsDesign Grand Prix 2002 at Doors 7 was awarded to Jussi 
Angesleva (Media Lab Europe) and the project "Body Mnemonics" that 
transforms the body into an interface to communicate with portable devices. 
It is an interesting project that in a sense makes visible the process of 
reconceptualizing the body as a 'digitable' entity. Best. ana]

Doors 7: Body-Shaped Interface wins Grand Prix

The OpenDoorsDesign Grand Prix 2002 at Doors 7 was won by Jussi Angesleva 
of Media Lab Europe with "Body Mnemonics", described as a meta-tool for 
portable devices.

Angesleva's innovation is to give devices such as PDAs and communicators a 
mechanism for detecting their orientation with respect to their owner's 
body, so that by tapping a shoulder, say, or a pocket, different functions 
can be accessed. The examples given included touching the gadget to a back 
pocket for a wallet function, or holding it to one's breast to retrieve the 
number of a loved one. Angesleva said that he had conducted research into 
what associations parts of the body had for different people and concluded 
that while associations were individual, they were strongly held, making 
this a good basis for an interface.

His idea sparked considerable discussion amongst attendees, many concerned 
by implementation issues. While it would be easy to remember one set of 
controls spaced round the body, Angesleva had also presented sub-menus, 
such as phone numbers and pieces of music. How would the different menus 
relate? And how would someone else use a device customised for a particular 
individual  co-ordinates for functions might relate to striking a shoulder 
on one person, but require perching directly under a collarbone for someone 

There was also a recognition that the mechanism could function in a sphere 
around a person, determined by each individual's reach, with functions on 
the periphery, which could ultimately impact on the shape of people's 
personal space  and could lead to the locations for functions being based 
on positions on another's body towards whom the individual had a regular 
physical orientation.

The judging of the Grand Prix took place at the Doors 7 conference "Flow: 
the design challenge of pervasive computing" (see UN story: Pervasive 
Computing gets Perceptive Treatment) where 22 finalists presented their 
ideas for the future use of digital ubiquity. Both audience and jury voted 
on the 5 minute presentations to conclude unanimously that Angesleva's 
project should win. The prize is a free trip to India to present at the 
Doors East conference.

Other stimulating ideas presented as part of the Grand Prix competition 
included a way of making orientation in underground car parks more closely 
related to the outside world, a project for homes over motorways creating 
an Edgetown, and a personal information broker, allowing individuals to 
sell their collated financial information to the highest bidder through the 
Web: Loome.

Source: UN, 28 November 2002
Submitted by Ann Light

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Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena.

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Date: Tue,  3 Dec 2002 13:30:19 +0100
From: =alex= <aggy {AT} myspinach.org>
Subject: greenpepper BORDERS edition online!!

Green Pepper Magazine Online Now and Out Soon!

- - - - Autumn 2002 edition: “BORDERS” - - - - 

As soon as you ask anyone where they were born, where their parents were born, 
where their sister lives, where their partner is from (...) you will hear 
people’s history of migration and movement. Our own lives, our own histories 
are the histories of movement, globalisation and new beginnings, departures and 
arrivals. We wanted to draw the threads together to create a document which 
took us from this beginning, this ability to identify with movement, to 
question why, how and who’s movement is being controlled.

This edition of Green Pepper features discussion from a range of perspectives; 
examining the ways in which anti-trafficking legislation is used to control 
migration of women, a different view on bordercamps, globalisation,  
environment and migration, identity and borders. People from around the world 
have contributed analysis and reports to create a broad and engaging edition! 

Check it out at:

>From 10th December the [spunky!] hard copy of the magazine will be available.. 
And the first 150 editions we send out will receive a free copy of the 
excellent ‘Woomera Scrapbook – Desert Storm’!!

Green Pepper is a non-profit magazine produced in Am*dam. Every edition is 
extremely financially challenging to print – so by subscribing you are making a 
genuine difference to our ability to continue! (Plus you get four dynamic 
editions of the mag a year!) 

CIA Office, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW, Am*dam 
Email: aggy {AT} myspinach.org or kevin {AT} eyfa.org
Phone:  (31) (0)20 6831 021 

One edition is 5 ecos (conversion scale for ecorates available online),  an 
annual subscription is dependent on the country in which you live – so again 
check it out online or email us if you are unsure about how to work it out!

For international transfers to the Green Pepper Account:
Swift Code – PSTBNL.21 
Account Number: 9349743
Account name: Greenpepper
Bank: Post Bank


Get involved:: next edition on 'water', we need contributors, co-ordinators (to 
come live and work in Am*dam), Pimiento Verde (Castellano version to start in 
March 2003) and website updating (see for yourself!) ... get in touch!!!


Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 16:21:52 +0100
From: "<__lo-y. >" <loy {AT} myrealbox.com>
Subject: L_Oy + ocial iction 

( " wilfriedhoujebek * lo_y " )






<__lo-y. >



Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 14:10:41 +0100
From: "Henning Ziegler" <hziegler {AT} zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Subject: When Hypertext became uncool

So here's the reason for my absence from this list during the last
Please don't criticize me too harsh: the paper doesn't yet react to a
lot of points that have been made by nettimers (mostly Michael Joyce and
Adrian Miles). :)


- --

Henning Ziegler, Berlin


Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 07:33:34 +1100
From: Tracey Benson <tracey.benson {AT} anu.edu.au>
Subject: December Isuue - fine art forum


The December issue of fine art forum is now online at 

and features writing by Josephine Starrs, Geert Lovink, Molly Hankwitz, 
Julianne Pierce, Cynthia Beth Rubin and Tracey Benson



Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:48:30 +1000
From: "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>
Subject: Announcing issue 5.6 of M/C Journal: 'love'


                          M/C - Media and Culture
     is proud to present issue six in volume five of the award-winning

                                M/C Journal

             'love' - Edited by Donna Lee Brien & Helen Yeates

                     "What's Love Got To Do With It?":
      International perspectives on the cultural construction of love

  "Smack habit, love habit - what's the difference? They both can kill
  you." (Helen Garner, Monkey Grip, 1976)

>From tennis scores to computer viruses, love is all around us, but do we
live in an age where "Love is all you need"? In the post-AIDS, post-
September 11 globalised multimedia present, is love an outmoded concept or
more important than ever before? Love imbues media culture. While Lola
runs for love, others die for love, with Moulin Rouge popularising once
again the evergreen "doomed love" syndrome. Love songs dominate the
airwaves, sales of romance novels are booming, and every evening
television presents contemporary negotiations of love, sex and friendship
in fictional forms while Springer and reality TV bring particular versions
of real-life love and desire into everyone's lounge room. Internet dating
is a worldwide phenomenon and online chat rooms are filled with punters
looking for their perfect match. 

But despite this intense engagement, the questions "What is love?" and
"What does it mean?" still seem to obsess the cultural production of
contemporary creative artists as well as cultural critics. A selection of
intriguing, compelling, revealing and sometimes controversial critical and
creative works in this issue of M/C Journal explore the spectrum of what we
understand as love and, of course, sex - the act of love.

Whether you take on love as commodity or emotion, as feeling or
sensation, as intellectual or visceral pursuit, please note that there are
warnings on this Love Issue label. CAUTION: This issue will stimulate your
mind as much as arouse your fantasies.

Feature Article
  Kerry Mallan and John Stephens
  "Love's Coming (Out): Sexualising the Space of Desire"

  Donell Holloway and David Holloway
  "Zero to Hero: Global Love in Provincial Japan"

  Brett Farmer
  "Loving Julie Andrews"

  Katrien Jacobs (a.k.a Libidot)
  "'Streaming Physical Love': Zoot and Genant in Theory and Practice"

  Lelia Green
  "Sex: What's Love Got to Do with It?"

  Mandy Treagus
  "Not Bent at All: Bend It like Beckham, Girls' Sport and the Spectre of
  the Lesbian"

  Felix Cheong
  "Love Is a Stranger"

  Hillary Raphael
  "Melting Things"

  Jules Odendahl
  "Giving and Loving"

  Jackie Cook
  "Lovesong Dedications: Commercial Music Radio and the Sentimental Self"

  Edward D. Miller
  "Why Does Love Tear Us Apart?: Love Songs and Psychoanalytic Narratives"

  Wendy Varney
  "Love in Toytown"

  Vivienne Muller
  "Motherly Love"

  Jennifer Wilson
  "If I Tell You I Love You"

  Maarten Reesink
  "The Eternal Triangle of Love, Audiences and Emo-TV"

  C. Jason Lee
  "I Love to Hate You/All You Need Is Hate: Love as War in Modern
  Discourse and Contemporary Public Rhetoric"

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  Watch this space for an announcement of M/C Journal's issues for 2003.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
M/C Journal 5.6 is now online: <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.
Previous issues of M/C Journal on various topics are also still available.
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M/C Reviews is now available at <http://reviews.media-culture.org.au/>.
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All contributors are available for media contacts: mc {AT} media-culture.org.au.
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                                                  Dr Axel Bruns

- -- 
 Supervising Production Manager          production {AT} media-culture.org.au
 M/C - Media and Culture                http://www.media-culture.org.au/


Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 18:21:09 +0900
From: Andreas <andreas {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>
Subject: REALTOKYO MM Vol. 107

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O    MAIL MAGAZINE
_____12_06_2002_Fri_vol.107___________ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/

[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo Editors' Diary
Kato Haruyuki ("Studio Voice") vol. 004

(2) Event Pick of the Week
H20 "Remix" Exhibition

(3) Presents
Intoxicate calendars and T-shirt

This week's RT Picks:

art+cinema+music+stage+design+town = 41 events
including 12 new ones!
Plus new entries on our 'book/disk' page.

Check them out!


(1) Tokyo Editors' Diary

Kato Haruyuki ("Studio Voice") vol. 004

Paul SmithI'm attending the opening party of the Paul Smith
ladies' fashion shop on Kotto-Dori, where I meet Paul in his
usual, friendly mood. For our magazine Paul Smith has a particular
meaning, since his company has always been supporting us, on the
editorial side as well as through advertisements. As a fashion
brand they're probably in a previously unexperienced, difficult
situation at the moment. With giant conglomerates buying out small
brands, especially on the business side it's extremely difficult
nowadays to maintain a certain independent spirit. There are in
fact a lot of talented fashion people coming out of England, but
how many of them have managed to set up their own 'maison' and be
successful with their brands? Not only is Paul Smith a brilliant
creator, but he has in fact managed to establish a business that
continues to be independent. If you ask me to name designers of
this rank, there's only one I can think of.

Read more at:


(2) Event Pick of the Week

H20 "Remix" Exhibition

H20 is an up-and-coming design is mainly active in the San
Francisco area, where they are creating dresses, installations,
and working as art directors for magazines etc. This exhibition
focuses on H20's large-sized graphical posters as part of their
latest visual interpretation project "Remix." Besides this there
are printed T-shirts for sale. This event is, by the way, a
traveling exhibition that is produced by the "Shift" online
magazine, and that kicked off in Shift's own "Soso Cafe." Such a
stylish combination of rich web contents, cafe operation and event
production is a thing we at RT should really be working on!
- --Murata Yuko


(3) Presents

Tower Records' free paper "Musee" gives away "Intoxicate" 2003
calendars for 10, and a T-shirt for one lucky person. Both were
produced in collaboration with Miles Davis photographer and video
artist Naito Tadayuki.

To apply and for more info see:


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Next week on RT:

- - Tokyo Editors' Diary

- - Out of Tokyo

- - Presents

and more$B!D(B

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etc. Three especially lucky readers who send a mail to
info {AT} realtokyo.co.jp.
will be chosen and receive a little gift.


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