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Frederick Noronha on Sun, 22 Dec 2002 07:24:48 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> India GNU/Linux newsletter....

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   Formerly LinuxInIndia * Compiled by: Frederick Noronha * Dec 22,2002

<ajith {AT} nsc.ernet.in> deserves credit for his work on this front. Recently,
Ajith announced that his product -- the "GNU Linux Utilities for Education"
CD is now hosted at "ftp.seul.org". This is a bootable CD that will install
a GNU/Linux system with OpenOffice, several educational software packages
and the Terminal Server Software "within 10 minutes", as he puts it.  Ajith
needs help in testing. You can download the ISO image from
ftp://ftp.seul.org/pub/glue/ Bowse the contents of it at

Recently, Ajith was demoing the CD to the Press. Says he: "It takes only 10
minutes to setup the lab. Method is extreamly simple. Create a RedHat (or
any other) installation and all other required software. Make a tarball of
it. A bootable CD with a small script plants it to another computer. "Kudzu"
does a good job in detecting new hardware." Free Software campaigners in the
Southern State of Kerala are convinced that the local government is "wasting
their money" if they sign a MoU (memorandum of understanding) for costly
proprietorial software to be implemented in their IT {AT} School Project.

<efylinux1 {AT} electronicsforu.com> of ElectronicsForYou magazine writes in to
announce the planned launch of a new Indian mag, devoted entirely to Free
Software and Open Source. Some key facts, as promised by this publishing
group, are as follows. Launch date: mid January 2003. Pages: 100 plus. Cover
price: Rs 50, or about US$1 (including a CD).

	This mag is likely to be called 'Linux For You'. It is being
	published by the same group that brings out 'Electronics For You'
	and the 'i.t.' magazines. Ideas, suggestions, doubts and inputs
	for editorial content invited. 

o LINUX-INDIA GENERAL: This is the list which still is working to play the
role of networking different Free/Libre and Open Source Software initiatives
across India. See the Linux-India General list at

o LITTLE LEAGUE: The idea is to help smaller LUGs around India to network
and share resources and ideas to grow and survive. If you belong to this
category, contact Sukrit D of Pondicherry <sd_root {AT} yahoo.com>. There's also
an offer to help you get inexpensive (maybe even zero-cost) CDs of useful
distros... provided you undertake to share the same widely in your area.

	o BELGAUM LUG: Belgaum is a city of c. 300,000 in North Karnataka
	and home to one of the youngest GNU/Linux user groups in India.
	This was recently launched with most members being students of
	the Gogte College of Engineering there. If you'd like to get in
	touch contact Ashutosh Naik <a7ash {AT} yahoo.com> and Rohan
	Kangralkar <rohankangralkar {AT} hotmail.com>. See also their list at
	http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ilug-belgaum All the best to them.

o LINKING STUDENTS, PROJECTS, MENTORS: Mumbai/Bombay-based Trevor Warren
<trevorwarren {AT} yahoo.com> or <trevor.w {AT} media.mit.edu>, while still in his
early twenties, has come up with this idea of a Project Resource Centre. The
goal? To link students wanting socially-useful and challenging projects with
techies willing to play the role of mentors. Any volunteers?

Says Warren: "As of now...we are looking forwards to having a decent site
dissimanating information to the FSF/OS community on the following aspects.
--> What is the objective of the PRC. --> List of projects for (students) to
take up --> List of mentors with their skill sets (based on a Wiki-like
tool) --> List of projects students/community wants to propose --> Section
for commercial projects that the industry wants to offer --> Collabration
tool for all.

	Tripta <tripta {AT} sarai.net> from Delhi, another young lady behind
	a lot of interesting work, volunteered to list some of the people
	who have already signed up at the PRC as mentors, some possible
	projects, and who's coming forward to work on the same. 

For more details, sign on or check out the archives at the site



   Hi all, this is MVGR college linux user group website. In this website
   we will chat and explore to Linux as well as Linux applications. This
   website has lots of information as well as good links to visit on
   LINUX. Every one is invited to join us, we are well supported by
   OSDN (open source development network), SOURCEFORGE (world's biggest open
   source arena) as well as lots of Linux lovers.... We will
   discuss all Linux issues and help each other. Members can also
   write application programs for Linux but under GNU (the General Public


A group for PHP users and developers in India. Anyone and everyone who is
interested in PHP, the world's most popular scripting language, is invited
to join the Indian PHP User Group. Share your code, your problem, search for
solutions, create fantastic new projects. And most importantly *enjoy*.
Founded Dec 2001. Members 103.

YOUR INPUTS to this newsletter are welcome. Volunteers more than welcome.
Contact us at fred at bytesforall dot org --COPYLEFT 2002, GPL. May be
freely circulated provided entire text is retained. FN

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