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Re: <nettime> Religious Sect Announces First Cloned Baby
Paul Brown on Wed, 1 Jan 2003 14:34:28 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Religious Sect Announces First Cloned Baby

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>Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 06:51:43 -0000
>Subject: [GP] EUGENICS
>The following is from http://eugenics.home.att.net/
>Humans are very much like our primate ancestors. Unfortunately, with
>our larger intelligent brains, we have acquired the ability to
>foresee our deaths as soon as we are able to understand life, at a
>very young age. With this horror, we have instead of facing life
>with knowledge that we have a brief time to live -- a time to be
>made the most of -- we have turned back to our primitive instincts
>and succumbed to religion, false beliefs, and submission to
>dominance by others.
>The answer to this dilemma during most of this century, has been to
>try and change human culture, assuming it is infinitely malleable,
>leading to the agony of communism and the short comings of
>egalitarian democracies. And in the rest of the world, despotism
>reigns under numerous doctrines, with little hope for the people
>subjected to the state's propaganda. This web page is dedicated to
>putting forth the view that to change the human condition we must
>change the innate nature of humans, that is, we must encourage the
>breeding of people with a higher intellect, people better able to
>understand what motivates them and who can eventually revolt against
>the subjugation by the state or the controlling elite.
>It is my contention that this can be done by focusing on innate
>human traits we want to promote through a better understanding of
>behavior genetics. But to promote eugenics as a secular religion, it
>becomes necessary to begin with a political agenda to bring it
>about. Much of what I advocate, in keeping with the understanding
>that evolution occurs at the genetic, individual and group levels,
>has to do with advancing both individual eugenics and group
>eugenics. That is, it appears that eugenics can only be advanced in
>a world where nations are free to advance their own interests
>without interference.
>Anyone who is familiar with the United Nations, NATO, the European
>Economic Union, and the New World Order knows that we are on the
>brink of giving up national sovereignty for a world totalitarianism,
>where a central committee will dictate to the masses how to think
>and behave. We see this happening now in Afghanistan, where the
>United States has decided that it can attack any nation that harbors
>terrorists, of course forgetting that terrorism is how states often
>come into existance and/or change. One man's terrorist is another
>man's freedom fighter. I advocate only two viable options for
>eugenics: a return to nationalism, where competing nations will
>experiment with various social and scientific agendas to raise their
>peoples to higher levels of intelligence, followed by other traits
>the population desires to promote; and/or, to increase group
>solidarity and practice eugenics without borders. The second one has
>been practiced by Jews for thousands of years, but it can be a
>dangerous road to follow for it invariably leads to group conflict
>in the nations where Jews dominate. Much of my writing has to do
>therefore not with the technology of eugenics but with human nature
>and how we react as competing groups.
>Some have asked why I do not consider libertarianism in my scope of
>possible means for raising humans to higher levels.  I do not
>discount it outright, especially since I personally have a very
>strong libertarian affinity.  However, it appears that
>libertarianism is not attractive to most people except a few
>intellectuals, and I therefore prefer to focus on political systems
>that I feel have a potential for success.  I hope libertarianism all
>the best, but I just do not see it as intricately bound to human
>nature as is the cohesiveness we find in national ethnic identity.
>Eugenics is here to stay, and the only question now is how severely
>will political forces try to stamp it out and what group or nation
>will be the victor in the end. But a more highly evolved human will
>be the result and this process will continue unabated into the
>future. Nietzsche's supermen are right around the corner waiting for
>their creator to begin the task. We are their creator, they are our
>Finally, you may ask why so many of my articles are intertwined with
>the Jewish approach to eugenics and why I use them over and over
>again to make numerous points about human behavior AND about the
>need for nationalism.  First, Jews are one of the few identifiable
>groups (actually, the the Ashkenazi Jews specifically) who have
>practiced eugenics with tenacious success that has raised their
>intelligence to a remarkably high level, along with increasing group
>cohesiveness leading to extreme ethnocentrism or xenophobia.
>Several issues arise from this achievement.  First, because of the
>form of their genetic selection process, they have primarily
>developed their verbal skills, making them uniquely adept at
>manipulation, deception, propaganda, academics, the media, etc.
>This would not normally be a problem, except that they have managed
>with this verbal skill to control politics and national policy,
>while those with other skills have built the technological
>foundations of great nations in Europe and America.  That is, the
>Jewish contribution may not have been very great or even negative,
>as their accumulation of far greater wealth than any other ethnic
>group has to do with their abilities in manipulation of other people
>through the power of words rather than through constructing or
>building industry.  Skilled craftsmen and technicians are as
>important as lawyers, politicians, academics or journalists; but the
>rewards have gone to the elite who have the power of the word over
>the skill of the craftsmen.
>Second, Jews have been at the forefront of promoting
>multiculturalism, diversity, globalism, etc., while trying to block
>nationalism, while at the same time embracing Zionism.  This faction
>of Jews, leftover from the days of Communism have maintained their
>presence in academics, the media and politics and are the primary
>stumbling block to other ethnic groups trying to form their own
>cohesive nationhood based on their genetic similarity, just like the
>Jews have done in Israel.  My objection to Jewish influence in
>America therefore is strictly political and aimed at the Jewish
>left, not the empirical Jewish right, and their are many of them who
>reject multiculturalism and genetic assimilation of incompatible
>peoples.  These Jews I embrace, the few that there are on the side
>of eugenics and human advancement.
>And from the East, I also see an emerging nationalism. It may be
>that the eugenic program I envision will take place in countries
>like Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, India, etc.  They may be able
>to overcome the individualism and lack of solidarity found in the
>Christian West.  Christianity may only be the expression of a people
>who are creative and intelligent, but lack Nietzsche's concept
>of  "the will to power" necessary to turn against destructive
>sentimentality found in the West.  We have much to learn about what
>is genetic, and what is cultural.  But if Christian morality is made
>up of a genetic weakness then a new species of human will have to
>come from the East, or from a hybridization of East and West.  This
>issue will be taken up in detail as we learn more about what
>contributes to each civilizations inability to apply eugenics
>effectively.  But competition between groups for intellectual
>superiority will be the driving force of eugenics -- and nationalism
>is the formula for this friendly competition.  May the most
>determined, and empirically driven race win.
>The above is from http://eugenics.home.att.net/
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