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<nettime> the ABZ of the Copenhagen Free University
matthew fuller on Wed, 8 Jan 2003 20:17:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> the ABZ of the Copenhagen Free University

The language of madness is the perpetual slipping over of words into acts
until the moment when the word is pure act.

>From the ABZ of the Copenhagen Free University

At the Copenhagen Free University a new exhibition has opened. We
present the ABZ slide and sound show. The exhibition is open by
appointment from January 6 to March 9 2003. Call +45 3537 0447 and
make an appointment. An ABZ reception will take place Saturday January
18 from 6pm. Here we also launch a micro bookshop with self-published
magazines and books from Denmark and abroad. All are welcome.

As a natural consequence of our effort to develop poetic language and
critical consciousness a collection of concepts has crystallised from our
practice and material life. We have systematised this collection into a
catalogue of concepts, an ABZ from the Copenhagen Free University.

Arising from the countless words people have used, or told us or each
others in relation to our activities - whether the words are reasonable or
senseless, demonstrative or poetic - a cloud of meaning has taken shape
that hangs over us, leading us forward. The ABZ is condensing parts of the
cloud into concrete words and expressions such as SLEEP, SKI SLOPE,

The Free University itself springs from a speech act: "Let us open a
university!" This speech act took place nearly two years ago by now. The
University presented us for a new cutting out of things and a new principle
of verbal aesthetic articulation. We are getting use to this carefully
shaped construction so we take it in as the language we speak. If we do
not take part in the production of the language we speak, we will then be
spoken by other languages, such as the language of the media, the
corporations, the apparatus of the state, the commercials, the food
prophets, the health visitors etc.

The ABZ is still developing and consists of quite a few voices other than
our own: among others Emma Hedditch, Howard Slater, Johnny Spencer,
Anthony Davies, Asger Jorn, David Cooper: Thanks to them.


Henriette Heise & Jakob Jakobsen, January 3 2003.

Copenhagen Free University
Læssøesgade 3, 4., DK - 2200 Copenhagen N
Contact: +45 3537 0447 or www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk

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