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<nettime> Bat People on the Moon Still Seem Happy
robert m. tynes on Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:12:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Bat People on the Moon Still Seem Happy

Bat People on the Moon Still Seem Happy

After decades of seclusion, the bat people of the moon have been seen
smiling, according to a New Zealand researcher.

Lunarologist and bat enthusiast Jamie Hollingsworth has been studying
these little known beings since the early 1920s. He said last week he saw
many of them flittering around Lake Constitution, and even caught a few of
them coupling.

*They do it they same way we do down here, only they have wings, so they
can hook up in the air.*

Hollingsworth said he took several pictures of the event and hopes to put
them online soon. *Just as soon as I can get to a Mac, and upload the

Sightings of the bat people were first recorded in the American Penny
Press in the 1800s. Reporters then noted that the winged-beings looked
content up on the moon, and posed no threat to humans. No techology or
mechanical means of transport, such as a rocket or lunar module, were

Bat people were noted as being the same relative size as humans, with both
men and women having comparable people-like genitalia.

Today's bat people have changed little, according to Hollingsworth. And
their technology still has not arrived.

When asked why American astronauts never witnessed the bat people,
Hollingsworth said, *Basically they are a shy species. I mean, think about
it, they're flying around nude. Compared to astronauts, with all their
protective, scary gear, bat people are like love-childs. Free-to-be.

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