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Re: <nettime> p.s.: don't forget to water the rhizome! digest [flagan, g
porculus on Sun, 19 Jan 2003 00:40:42 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> p.s.: don't forget to water the rhizome! digest [flagan, guderian]

> Five bucks is far too little to spark a debate like this.

you precisely right, tah i remember a marvelous wit i hear once "a short
moment of shame is rapidly passed" hey it's porculus who talk, remember
something ? how much time i talk on that, how many time i said rhizome is a
planed machine who work step by step toward a pompierization of netart ? wiz
some blink whatsit in manhatan, merde ! tell me how many response i have
then ? none. exactly -none- black out, so permit i laugh, not cause i am
cynic & hope i dont have to prove it on this point or do you imagine i take
myself as a prophet here ? not at all cause i just yeel what everybody say
low in drinking their beer & dont care so much of time, cause well who care
of rhizome, cause rhizome is not all the netart after all if anyone really
care of netart..i say just the truth, and a boring one, yes, sometimes
anoying enuf for some aparatchic who hope some day..hope you join..imagine
all the people, imagine all the netart in a bottle named rhizome, imagine
the 'community'..merde ! and now it's just question to sort $5, so then what
the fiuck is really the probleme, are you so stingy ? tzz 5..but it'z
nothing..just the fuckin price of a tacky antipersonnel mine, most of time
even not enuf for killing a fucking child, just to leg amputate et letting
him to be a good worker in any intel sweatshop ..listen hombre who like to
be screwed for 5 buck?..but if it happen or if it's some prerequisite for
wanabe or to have job in intel..the first reflex is to shut up after..yes
shut up..dont twist the knife in the wound, any omerta have some ridicule at
the origine, & you know why ? the real ridicule is a trip from which there
is no return.
yes as it's the price, yes better to have a beer with a friend for 5 bucks,
yes even with mark tribe & it's far better for frienship & for the health of
art itself
rhizome is a parasite.

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