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<nettime> Venezuelan Political Soap Opera or why are you so Liberal
Ricardo Bello on Fri, 24 Jan 2003 22:13:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Venezuelan Political Soap Opera or why are you so Liberal

If 36.000 employees and workers in the state owned oil industry
go to strike, they belong to the rotten oligarchy. If all organized
industry paralyzed in solidarity, they also belong to the oligarchy,
we have so many of them, we resemble a Middle Age kingdom or
France in the XVII century; and if they asked for a referendum,
they are, of course, fascists. I mean, you must be extremely
liberal, everyone is a fascist, coup perpetrating, poll manipulator,
indecent anti-democratic, and what's worse, you don't believe
in the left!

If a shooter, who traveled to Cuba in the begginning of 2002,
shoots dozens of anti-Chavez demostrators, killing several of
them, he is a poor tormented soul and should be protected by
the State, with no open trial. When the opposition organizes
a rally, Chavez followers attacks it with guns; if Chavez organizes
his rally, the opposition remains at home, a classic example
of neurotic behavior.

If Chief of Army Lucas Rincon announced last April that Chavez
had resigned and that he has the signed paper with him, the President
accused the opposition of a coup d'etat. Today Lucas Rincon is
Minister of the Interior with absolute control of the Police
and Courts. And all key government post are run by the military
or Chavez's family. But they are true revolutionary of course,
and we must not forget, very rich. If the private media reports
the situation, it's because its journalists moves in circles
of money, power and influence.

If the opposition, following article 70 of the Constitution,
submits to the Consejo Nacional Electoral, the public organization
responsible for elections, over 2.000.000 signatures asking for
a referendum, and the CNE approved it with a majority vote of
4-1, Supreme Court then decides the CNE is illegal (it was legal
before its Director turned their back to Chavez).

I'm not saying you have fixed ideas regarding what's wrong or
good, or what a political correct discourse or a fascist one
should sound like. Not saying either you have never gone to Cuba
and lived for weeks at end with a normal family nor felt in your
heart the poison of hatred and fear flowing from the speech of
a head of State, with poverty and unemployment increasing. No,
I'm just saying you are such a liberal!

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