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domiziana giordano on Sun, 26 Jan 2003 05:16:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Rhizome

Dear mark,

I am terribly sorry to read people don't understand that to make Rhizome
going, costs working hours which it means money.

I do remember the many letters about the matter that has been published on
Rhizome before you and your crew made the heavy decision to make people pay
a small fee to get into the Url.
You were aware that $5 were a lot for people of some parts of the world but
you had no choice since you have not found public or private Funding to
support the site.

We spoke about this and it has been a suffered decision.
But there was no other way.
It was a matter of choice.
Either to pay a small fee, either to shut down Rhizome.
(I think open doors on Friday and helps from Schools and Academy will be an
intelligent solution).

I hope also that people will understand that your money incomes are not as
much as they think it is, when you work, live and sleep in Manhattan.
And besides this, it's nobody's business how much income you get.

I think those attack were very much unfair and actually there's another
issue that can be raised:
Why a database as Rhizome cannot find Fundings in NY/USA?

To whoever rose this issue I can suggest to give a look what the US
administration is doing in California, (the richest country of USA).
Because they need money to produce more bombs for the next war they have cut
off the free medical care for older people. (!!!)

Now: is there anybody else surprised that Mark Tribe needs to put an entry
fee for Rhizome because cannot find Fundings?

You have all my support,

Domiziana Giordano

DG / DSI                domiziana {AT} digitalsistersindeed.org

It was pure bliss
  when I finally achieved silence.

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Domiziana Giordano / DigitalSistersIndeed.org 
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