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Table of Contents:

   Call for Contributors: 'share' and other M/C issues in 2003                     
     "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>                

   BREAK 2.2 FESTIVAL: SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED                                
     jaka zeleznikar <jaka {AT} jaka.org>                                                 

   runme.org software art repository                                               
     olga goriunova <og {AT} dxlab.org>                                                   

   NEGOTIATIONS: call to artists, cultural workers, activists and academics        
     Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>                                                     

   Masters in Choreography/ New Media in Amsterdam                                 
     Scott deLahunta <sdela {AT} ahk.nl>                                                  

   REALTOKYO MM Vol. 112                                                           
     Andreas <andreas {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>                                               

   What is to be Done? Invitation to contribute to project in Lenin Museum Finland 
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   "BERLUSCONIMANIA!!- THE ART PROJECT!!"                                          
     "Lorenzo Taiuti" <md3169 {AT} mclink.it>                                             

   Free accessable copy Rhizome's Artbase now online                               
     "Peter Luining" <email {AT} ctrlaltdel.org>                                          

   PassDoC art web project                                                         
     "passdoc artweb" <passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com>                                    

   CFP: COSIGN 2003                                                                
     "Fatima Lasay" <digiteer {AT} ispbonanza.com.ph>                                     


Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:03:02 +1000
From: "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>
Subject: Call for Contributors: 'share' and other M/C issues in 2003


                          M/C - Media and Culture
             is calling for contributors to the 2003 issues of

                                M/C Journal

The award-winning M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a
crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and
peer-reviewed journal.

To see what M/C Journal is all about, check out our Website, which contains
all the issues released so far, at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>. To
find out how and in what format to contribute your work, visit

Below, you'll find the issue topics we're planning for 2003, along with the
article submission and issue release deadlines, and a call for contributors
for the second issue of the year, 'share'. Please check the M/C Journal
site for further calls and topic descriptions coming soon.

Please spread this call far and wide, and remember to archive it for future

                         Call for Papers: 'share'

As we move into the information age, the network society, some see us also
as turning into a culture of collectors, a society of sharers. Electronic
information, especially once it is networked, is easy to copy, simple to
share, and seems to invite collaborative engagement; this leads to the
emergence of filesharing services and open source software development.
Financially, ever more people are hoping to share in the commercial
successes of the listed companies whose stocks they own, but all too often
find themselves sharing predominantly their losses.

On a wider and more fundamental level, offline, public, physical resources
also need to be shared more effectively: as we exploit our reserves of
natural fuels and foods more rapidly than we can replenish them, we attempt
to find ways to achieve sustainability. And on the sociopolitical level,
too, moves are underway to share the load of governance, administration,
and jurisdiction through shared transnational organisations ranging from
the UN to the International Court of Justice.

What is also becoming obvious, however, is that some are better at
sharing than others. Along with the invitation to share more effectively
comes the reflex to hold on to one's own property even more stubbornly.
Whole industries are now devoted to the development of patents for
inventions that are yet to be made, in order to extract immense fees from
anyone wanting to share these ideas; countries like Australia and the US
have atrocious records when it comes to fairly sharing and responsibly
sustaining the world's natural resources; and in the networked
environment, intellectual property has now assumed almost mythical status -
central to one's success, but difficult to grasp, and almost impossible to
protect. Is sharing the answer or the problem: does it open new
possibilities for a better, fairer future, or does it destroy existing
structures to leave nothing but an uncontrollable mess?

We invite you to share with us your thoughts on these and other issues
connected to the topic, in the 'share' issue of M/C Journal. Please send us
your articles (of up to 1500 words) by 3 March 2003.

Axel Bruns & Alex Burns*, 'share' editors
share {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au

Issue Release Date: 23 April 2003

                                            * Yes, we are different people.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                     2003 M/C Journal Issue Deadlines

'share'      editors: Axel Bruns & Alex Burns
             share {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 3 March 2003
             release date: 23 April 2003

'logo'       editors: John Pace & Jason A. Wilson
             logo {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 28 April 2003
             release date: 18 June 2003

'fibre' - a collaboration with :: fibreculture ::
             editor: fibreculture group
             fibre {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 23 June 2003
             release date: 13 August 2003

'joke'       editors: Paul Denvir & E. Sean Rintel
             joke {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 18 August 2003
             release date: 8 October 2003

'text'       editor: Catriona Mills
             text {AT} journal.media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 13 October 2003
             release date: 3 December 2003

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
       M/C Journal is online at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.
     All issues of M/C Journal on various topics are available there.
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  M/C Reviews is now available at <http://reviews.media-culture.org.au/>.
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                                                  Dr Axel Bruns

- -- 
 Supervising Production Manager          production {AT} media-culture.org.au
 M/C - Media and Culture                http://www.media-culture.org.au/


Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:03:43 +0100
From: jaka zeleznikar <jaka {AT} jaka.org>

Artists from various fields of art can submit their proposals to the Break 2.2 
Festival call for applications til February 15, 2003. Theme of the festival 
is 'Invisible Threat'.
Information: www.break-festival.org

Ljubljana (Slovenia), January 14, 2003: Zavod K6/4, organiser of the 7th 
international festival of young emerging artists Break 2.2 (previously called 
Break 21 Festival) has announced that deadline for submission of  proposals to 
the call for applications is extended til February 15, 2003. Selection results 
will be published on the festival web site presumably in the end of March 2003. 
All applying artists will also be notified about the decision concerning their 
application personally.

Break 2.2 Festival, which will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from June 17 
til 28, includes the following categories: visual arts (comics, graphic prints, 
digital prints, photographs, interactive works, visual communication -
'subvertising', computer-assisted art - from web art to robotics); performing 
arts; intermedia arts; moving pictures (films of all categories: documentaries, 
fiction, video art, animated films, experimental films, short films); music and 
sound (concerts, sound installations and intermedia performances in which sound 
holds the priority); architecture; applied arts (including fashion); and 
culinary arts. Conditions for participation are quality of the project and its 
correspondence with the chosen theme; there is no age limit. The festival will 
present some special guests (world-acclaimed artists) and its important 
component will also be a symposium on the chosen theme ('Invisible Threat') 
with lectures by invited artists and scientists from different fields.

For further information (including description of the mentioned theme and on-
line application form), see web page: www.break-festival.org.


Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 23:10:32 +0300
From: olga goriunova <og {AT} dxlab.org>
Subject: runme.org software art repository


Software Art Repository

is now open for upload / download




Runme.org is a software art repository. It is an open, moderated database to which people
are welcome to submit projects they consider to be interesting examples of software art.

Software art is an intersection of two almost non-overlapping realms: software and art. It has a
different meaning and aura in each. Software art gets its lifeblood and its techniques from living
software culture and represents approaches and strategies similar to those used in the art world.

Software culture lives on the Internet and is often presented through special sites called
software repositories. Art is traditionally presented in festivals and exhibitions. 

The aim of Runme.org is to create an exchange interface for artists and programmers which will
work towards a contextualization of this new form of cultural activity. Runme.org welcomes
projects regardless of the date and context of their creation. The repository is happy to host
different kinds of projects - ranging from found, anonymous software art to famous projects by
established artists and programmers.

Runme.org and Read_me:

In winter/spring 2003 Runme.org will serve as the submission form and database for the second
edition of the Read_me festival. Read_me 2.3 (http://m-cult.org/read_me) will be held
in May 30-31, 2003 in Helsinki, presenting best software art projects submitted to Runme.org
up until the festival deadline, 1 of March.
However, after this date Runme.org will continue to function as a software art repository.


Runme.org is supported by NIFCA, The Nordic Institute for Contemporary
Arts, Lume, and m-cult.


Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:45:50 -0500
From: Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>
Subject: NEGOTIATIONS: call to artists, cultural workers, activists and academics

Please circulate widely. Apologies for duplicates.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+  N E G O T I A T I O N S
+  From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace
+  A Creative Response Initiative
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Call to Artists, Cultural Workers, Activists and Academics
Deadline: February 15, 2003 (postmark)
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

NEGOTIATIONS is a multidisciplinary cultural event to be held in 
Toronto, Canada, between June and July 2003.  We aim to create 
alternative public spaces where we can consider shared entitlement 
and common responsibility for co-existence between Palestinians and 
Israeli Jews.  We are currently seeking collaborative projects for an 
exhibition (may include websites), film/video screenings, literary 
readings, performances, public art and creative workshops.

The ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine constitutes a 
particularly dramatic example of the complex legacies of colonialism 
and the two World Wars.  Beyond its tragic impact on the daily lives 
of Palestinians and Israelis in the region and in diaspora around the 
world, this conflict raises questions of global ethical significance 
pertaining to indigenous people¹s right to land, human dignity and 

We invite artists of all disciplines, cultural workers, academics and 
activists to tackle these issues in new and creative ways.  Inspired 
by Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, we recognize that genuine 
peace negotiations demand co-labouring across divides in order to 
reach an understanding and an agreement for a common good.  Such 
negotiations can only be formulated on an ethical ground where the 
multiplicity of voices and the right to co-exist are acknowledged, 
and where the desire to collaborate translates into action. 
NEGOTIATIONS calls for projects that actualize these meanings through 
processes of creative collaboration and shared authorship.  We ask 
that projects be either new or created after the start of the Second 
Intifada (2000). 

Please note below for a set of questions that will help to expand on 
these ideas.

We are interested in submissions that conceive of collaboration in 
relationship to other artists, activists or academics, to specific 
communities with vested interest in the issues, and to audiences in 
general.  We encourage trans-disciplinary, trans-cultural and 
trans-border collaborations, so we are open to projects that 
challenge and expand the notions we currently hold about the format 
and spaces of our event.  We welcome projects that involve the youth 
as creators, participants and/or audience.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Proposals must include:
      - completed submission form (please download from website);
      - project description (300-500 words max, include project title 
and applicant(s) name, in 6 copies);
      - CV(s) (max 3 pages, 1 copy only);
      - support material (1 copy only, note below for more info);
      - a self-addressed stamped envelope, if return of support 
material is required.

Please mail your proposal by February 15 (postmark) to:
      Creative Response - Negotiations
      P.O. Box 639, Station P
      704 Spadina Avenue
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      M5S 2S9

We cannot accept e-mail submissions. 

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Support material may include the following:
      - Slides (max 8, labled with artist¹s name, title, media, dimensions)
      - VHS tape (max 2, labled with artist¹s name, cued in at the start point)
      - 1 audio CD (labled with artist¹s name and list of tracks to be played)
      - 1 CD-R (Mac compatible, self-standing unless playable in 
Netscape, include playback instructions)
      - 2 websites (list URLs in the submission form, must be Netscape 
      - Writing sample (10 pages max)
      - Reviews (max 2)

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you have any questions, please contact: <mailto:negotiations2003 {AT} excite.com>

NEGOTIATIONS website: http://creativeresponseweb.net/negotiations/index.html

Creative Response website: http://creativeresponseweb.net

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Projects can respond to, but are not limited by, the following considerations:

1) How can artistic interventions in the public space help circulate 
practices of peacemaking capable of confronting the material and 
psychic dynamics of colonialism that sustain the historical and 
current continuance of war, dispossession, repression and exclusion 
in the region?

2) How can individuals and groups move towards a substantial mutual 
recognition of histories of oppression while breaking present 
repetitive patterns of violence?

3) How can religious and cultural differences serve as a forum for 
conversation and respect rather than as a barrier to community 

4) How can we foreground the relationship between land and identity 
as shared entitlement rather than as exclusive property?

5) How can artistic responses explore the intertwined and complex 
relationship between imperialism, diaspora and dispossession in the 
Israel-Palestine conflict?

6) How can Canada¹s diverse communities contribute towards building 
the right conditions for peace? What specific role can diasporic 
communities from the Middle East play in this effort? And, how can 
the arts and artists facilitate this public process?

7) How can we tackle forms of censorship and uneven representation ­ 
in media and politics ­ that hinder open dialogue? How can we 
practice responsible politics of solidarity?


Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 08:53:40 +0100
From: Scott deLahunta <sdela {AT} ahk.nl>
Subject: Masters in Choreography/ New Media in Amsterdam


Established in 2002, the Amsterdam Masters is a unique two year program 
aimed at the facilitation of high quality research into the relationship 
between choreography, performance, and new media/ emerging technologies.

The program combines traditional and innovative approaches including taught 
courses, individual study, peer-to-peer contexts for discussion and debate, 
reflexive documentation and practice/ studio based research.


The program's emphasis is to develop strong and sophisticated choreographic 
work, extending and testing the boundaries of choreographic practice, 
application and thought; at the same time to engage in theoretical/ 
critical discourse and a practical overview of relevant current and 
emerging technologies. Subsequently, students will develop their own 
research examining the relationships between these; involving varying 
degrees of collaboration and the making of work in a variety of new media 

With cultural organisations such as STEIM, Waag Society, Montevideo and V2; 
the Netherlands has one of the most active new media/ emerging technology 
arts scenes in Europe. The Amsterdam Masters aims to facilitate and 
coordinate interaction and collaboration within this context as well as abroad.


The Amsterdam Masters in Choreography is part of Dance Unlimited; a 
collaboration with the Dance Academies of Rotterdam and Arnhem that offers 
students the opportunity to follow modules in each of these three places.

The Amsterdam Masters accepts only four new students per year which means 
that access to facilities and staff is optimal.

The program is ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW for September 2003.

Core staff: Jeroen Fabius; Susan Rethorst; Scott deLahunta; Sher Doruff


Registration Forms and more information are available from this website:


To receive a copy of last year's syllabus please contact Jeroen Fabius, 
coordinator of the Amsterdam Masters:

email: j.fabius {AT} the.ahk.nl
tel: +31 20 527 7694 / 7667
fax: +31 20 527 7642

Any questions pertaining to the Amsterdam Masters in Choreography, e.g. 
application deadlines, etc. should be directed to Jeroen Fabius.



Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 09:05:54 +0900
From: Andreas <andreas {AT} realtokyo.co.jp>
Subject: REALTOKYO MM Vol. 112

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O    MAIL MAGAZINE
_____1_17_2003_Fri_vol.112___________ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/

[This Week's Index]

(1) Out of Tokyo
Vol. 54: Nostalgia for the Class Society?

(2) Event Pick of the Week
Danshi wa damattenasai yo!: Danshi wa damattenasai yo! 2

This week's RT Picks:

art+cinema+music+stage+design+town = 44 events
including 13 new ones!
Plus new entries on our 'book/disk' page.

Check them out!


(1) Out of Tokyo

Vol. 54: Nostalgia for the Class Society?
by Ozaki Tetsuya

At the end of last year I went to see Robert Altman's "Gosford Park."
As Oh Shomei pointed out in his article on our Cinema Picks page,
it's a brilliant movie stuffed with rogues. The film is set in the
England of the early 1930s, where an aristocrat and his subordinates
gather at a country house. Due to the numerous characters and the
complicated relations among them one first doesn't comprehend what's
going on, but by the middle of the film every viewer will have got
the intricate story. Then, suddenly, a murder provides another riddle
to solve. After "A Wedding" and "Pret-a-Porter," the maestro has come
up with another pleasant work.

Read more at:


(2) Event Pick of the Week

Danshi wa damattenasai yo!: Danshi wa damattenasai yo! 2

This unit's name, translated "Boys Shut Up!," is indeed a stupid
but effective one. Playwright and director Hosokawa Toru is a
young theatre wizard who has been working also on the "Atarashii
tan'i" TV program introducing serious suggestions for totally
useless new units of measurement. Again, as an actor the staggering
pale dude is irresistible. Following part one that potrayed half
the life of Toru, the second volume of "Danshi..." is dedicated to
"Toru's New Year." Not only for boys but especially for all theatre
lovers in their 30s it's in fact difficult to be quiet once the
show begins! Appearing on stage this time is also illustrator
Sotome Keiko.
- --Kanikoji Kinuko



Next week on RT:

- - Tokyo Editors' Diary

- - Tokyo no Shikakenintachi (interview)

- - Presents

and more$B!D(B

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will be chosen and receive a little gift.


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Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 11:43:42 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: What is to be Done? Invitation to contribute to project in Lenin Museum Finland

From: "Susan Kelly" <hsp01sk {AT} gold.ac.uk>

We are writing to invite you to participate in a forthcoming exhibition at
the Lenin Museum in Tampere, Finland. 'What is to be Done? Questions for
the 21st Century' appeals for your response to Lenin?s original question
"what is to be done?" posed in 1902. Your response, along with those of
others drawn from a local, national and international public, will be
documented, archived and displayed in the exhibition.

Lenin's ideas about revolutionary change, the relationship between local
movements and universal social struggles, as well as his predictions about
late capitalism and imperialism seem surprisingly relevant today. What is
to be Done? Questions for the 21st Century encourages you to write down
any thoughts you might have about possible social change today. Your
response can be something short, a slogan, an idea or a reference to a
specific situation you feel is important. Under late capitalism?s all
encompassing reach, it is our very freedom to think that is being eroded.
In the spirit of Lenin?s thought, we repeat the question ?what is to be
done? as a sincere appeal for your ideas and thoughts on our future.

The Lenin museum opened in January 1946 in the Tampere Workers' Hall where
Lenin had pledged to further the cause of Finnish independence. In the same
building, Lenin and Stalin met for the first time in 1905. The museum
preserves, exhibits and researches the objects, documents and symbols of
the Soviet era and has developed into a widely acclaimed institute of
culture and research. The downfall of the Soviet Union has left the museum
the last regularly operating museum of its kind in the whole world.

In the following e-mail there will be a series of short statements and
questions that we now ask you to respond to. We request that you e-mail
your response, which we will then transfer to a time card format for the
exhibition. All responses will be gathered together, translated in Finnish
and Russian, documented and presented as an archive at the Lenin Museum in
February 2003. With your permission, multiple copies of your response will
be made so that visitors to the museum can take some ideas away. A selected
number of responses will also be reproduced in a book publication later on
in 2003. Please indicate in your e-mail if you are willing to let us
reproduce your text. We need to have all of our responses in by Christmas
2002 or mid-January at the very latest, so that we have time to translate

This question is asked of individuals and groups in Tampere and broader
national and international constituencies in Finland, Russia, the US and
elsewhere. The questions also currently appear in several international art
journals with perforated response cards. Please feel free to pass on the
questions to any interested friends or colleagues. We would like to harness
the energies of those who think about change today and put them into
dialogue in this important public space.

Thank you for your time and participation!

Yours sincerely,

Susan Kelly and Stephen Morton

What is to be done?
Questions for the 21st Century

Lenin's description of imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism now
seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy. After the collapse of the Soviet
bloc the total spread of unregulated global capitalism is seen as
inevitable. With this spread, a third of the world?s population lives on
less than $2 a day and the poorest countries in the world owe a $422
billion debt that can never be paid. Yet, events in Seattle, Genoa and
elsewhere show that global capitalism can be resisted. Do you think that
Lenin?s ideas are of any use today? What are the burning social and
political questions of our time?


When Lenin wrote What is to be Done? in 1902, he mainly wanted to
distinguish between radical revolutionary politics and the reformists who
just wanted to patch things up. Lenin was intolerant of questions that
failed to really challenge the dominant political order. How can we provoke
significant change today and do you think any real shift can really happen
under our present system?


The Lenin Museum in Tampere is the site of Lenin and Stalin's first
meeting. Lenin's ideas are often seen as leading inevitably to Stalinism
and the terror of the Soviet Empire. This has been called the Leninist
Tragedy. At the scene of their meeting, is it possible to rescue some of
Lenin's ideas from this fate? How can we prevent social change from turning
into a situation where the same structures of power are re-established with
different players at the top?


In Tampere, 1906 Lenin made a pledge to honour the Finnish right to
self-determination after the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin believed that
Marx's revolutionary ideas had to be adapted to the local and national
conditions of workers rather than being imposed from above. In Lenin?s
time, this mobilisation of worker's movements was the most effective way of
achieving international solidarity. The phrase 'workers of the world unite'
may now seem like an impossible ideal since late capitalism has crushed
union power and pitted the workers of the world against one another.
Despite this gloomy picture, from where you stand right now, what are the
possibilities for social change today?


In short, what is to be done?

Please e-mail your response in not more than 300 words to
whatistobedone {AT} excite.com or mail to:
What is to be Done? The Lenin Museum
Hämeenpuisto 28, FIN-33200 Tampere, FINLAND


Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 17:16:22 +0100
From: "Lorenzo Taiuti" <md3169 {AT} mclink.it>

Messaggio in formato MIME composto da più parti.

- ------=_NextPart_000_0019_01C2BFDE.7D6F8260
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Katerina Karoussos of the Hellenic Centre for Fine  Arts asks on Spectre =
mailing list:=20

"Is there any project concerning ''Berluscomania'' ?
My name is Katerina Karoussos and I am speaking as a director of the =
Hellenic Center of Fine Arts.
I think that I had received some e-mail infos about it but I am not =
Can you tell me if there is, what is the structure of it?
Katerina Karoussos"

We answer:
Dear Karoussos
Yes, there is.
Definitely there is.
"BERLUSCONIMANIA" is to be considered an "Art Project" that involves us =
on several levels.
"BERLUSCONIMANIA" regards a political figure that cannot be criticized =
by standard political or social criteria.
The political figure involved has an intriguing,  polysemantic   nature =
that escapes activist  thought and tools.
We think he can only be described by the transversal mutant thought of =
modern Art.
Therefore we decided to define him as an "Obj=E9t Trouv=E9" in the =
Dadaist meaning (mostly referring to Duchamp of course) .
For instance his continuous declaring and rejecting the same political =
point of view on next Iraq war cannot but beeing read as one of the =
famous lines of "DADA MANIFESTO" (1918):=20
"Extreme truth does not exist. Dialectic is an amusing  mechanism that =
takes us/in a banal way/ towards opinions that we would have had anyway. =
Do we really believe that through   the scrupulous refinement of logic =
we have demonstrated truth and established once for all the exactitude =
of our own opinions?"
And/Or sometimes (and more deeply, in more subtle way) as a "Cadavre =
Exquis"  in the Surrealist tradiction.=20
A recent fact happened in nothern italian city, Trento where a member of =
his governement proposed different wagons for italians and foreign =
immigrants on the very frequented train line coming from south italy.
Here we  may only triumphantly underline the obvious quotation from a =
basic surrealist concept:
surrealism is born from evidence of contrast. The famous phrase: =
"Surrealism is the meeting of an umbrella and a typewriting machine on a =
chirurgical table" says it all.
"BERLUSCONIMANIA" is therefore working on an aenciclopedic observation =
of this amazing cultural and aestethic phenomenon investigating in =
several directions through a "serial" medium:
1- Behaviour
2- Cultural structures
3 -Psycological theories
4- Formalism and structuralism
5- Iconography=20
Dear Karoussos please feel free to ask us directly more informations
Best regards


Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:45:16 +0000
From: "passdoc artweb" <passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: PassDoC art web project        

viaggi, travell, voyages, viajar, reisen  -  incontri, meet , rencontres, 
encontrar, Treffen  -  tasselli,  tax, cheville, tesela, Dübel  -  cielo, 
sky, ciel, cielo, Handhimmel  -  origami  -  riflessi, reflex, reflets, 
reflejo, Spiegelung  -  vento, wind, ven, viento, wind,  -  disegni, 
drawing, dessin, dibujo, Zeichnungen  -  luce, light, feux, luz, Licht  -  
acqua, water, eau, agua, wasser  -  colori, couleur, colors, colores, Farbe

- - français

Titre: PassDoc (à travers les temps), œuvres de Domenico Olivero.

Derrière la série rencontre avenez in divers site, (25-29/04/02 a 
Barcellona, 25-28/07/02 Berlin, 10-13/10/02  Ciudad de Mexico) debut la 
construction de le site web. Ca site-web vien creé avec differente 
sollecitation dan le precedente  rencontrés, avec plu de 350 personne. 
Action visive e dinamic, exiger, different tecnique e vision… visite-vous, e 
donee votre contribuite et osservation. Il progetto durerà tutto l’anno 
2003. et il va a changer ça forme chaque 15 jours.

PassDoc est un site artistique, une oeuvre multimédia en perpétuelle 
mutation (work in progress), comme peut l'être un homme ou une ville qui va 
a changer lentement, grandir et se ramifier. Il a été créé, et aura la durée 
d'un anée , par l'artiste Domenico Olivero et se transforme avec 
l'intégration de nouveaux travaux. Son nom signifie passage e documentation, 
c'est un labyrinthe fantastique constitué de different forme de déplacement, 
soit virtuel que réel..

C'est toujous plus difficile, ma peut etre impossible,  trouver des oeuvres 
qui rappresentent la realité, dans une forme claire et univoque.
Oeuvres artistiques qui donnent substance estétique au monde qui nous 
environne, pour décrire  l'univers .
La tradition n'est  plus capable de mener à bonne fin les valeurs presque 
détaché de son contexte logique et historique, tout est nouveau, indépendant 
ou tellement enchainé (con l'accento circonflesso sulla i)  et on ne peut 
plus dévisér l'écheveau des origines.
Aujourd'hui n'existent plus le vérités totales, ou elles resultent 
inaccessibles et donc ne peut pas exister une oeuvre abosolue qui cherche de 
décrir le temps de naissance.
Aujourd'hui n'existe pas une forme unique mais  plusieures parties. La 
totalité vient au monde après une segmentation. La vision fausse globale 
révèle l'approchement d'une fragmentation. peut etre les parties 
individuelles qui sont les plus significatives de  la totalité.
Chaque nouvelle création est une forme qui necessite d'absorber et grandir, 
instable, réflexive , qui veut etre cette oeuvre qui dans sa présence sur le 
web est à meme d'exprimer au mieux une modernité qui sera toujours plus 
incompréhensible et indéfinissable.
“Le monde n'est pas exprimable, peut seulement etre vécu”

http://digilander.libero.it/passdoc/  art project     Date d'inauguration et 
lieu : 01/02/03  18,00 – 20,00 PassDoc Space Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo 

responsables: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti ).
adresse: PassDoC project  Corso Nizza,22 12100 Cuneo  Italia  tel 
39-328.2159521  e-mail: passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com
PassDoC est un projet autogéré pour l'art. Avec le support de +XARTE 
(Fondazione no-profit per l'Arte Contemporanea).

Nous vous remercions de votre attention, en vous priant d'agréer nos 
meilleures salutations.

- - English

Title: PassDoc (across/Through the time), Works of Domenico Olivero.

After the series of meetings performed in the different centers (25-29/04/02 
Barcelona, 25-28/07/02 Berlin, 14-17/11/02 Ciudad de Mexico) I begin the 
development of the website. This virtual space was created  following a 
series of proposals from the former meetings, with more than 350 persons. 
Visual action and dynamics, that exploit different techniques and shapes… 
visit us and give your contribution. The project will last the whole year 
2003. Every fortnight the site will change the thematic and shapes.

PassDoc is an artistic site, a multimedial work in continuous mutation (work 
in progress), as a living being or a city, that slowly grows and develops. 
It is a creation, and it will last for a whole year. It will be transformed 
with the integration of new works by the artist Domenico Olivero. Its name 
means passage and documentation, it is a fantastic labyrinth constituted by 
different shapes and spaces, both virtual and real.

It is always more difficult, but perhaps impossible, to find the works that 
represent the reality, in a clear and univocal way.
That can give aesthetic substance to the world around us, to describe the 
universe where we live.
The tradition does not get forward a new meaning of today’s life, everything 
is new, independent or so much concatenated that it  is impossible to 
understand its origin.
Today there are not total truths but different ones. The totality is born 
from its segmentation. The false global vision reveals itself, when you come 
near to it as …., fragment, probably the single parts are more significant 
than the totality.
Every new creation is a form that needs to absorb and grow, fluid, 
reflexive, and so wants to be this new art-web project, expressing as good 
as possible the modernity always more difficult to be understood and without 
a definition.
“the world can’t be expressed, but only lived”

http://digilander.libero.it/passdoc/   art project     Opening day and 
place: 01/02/03 6-8 p.m. PassDoc Space Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo (Italy)

Carge of: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti ).
address: PassDoC Space Corso Nizza, 22 12100 Cuneo  Italia  
ph:39-328.2159521  e-mail: passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com
PassDoC is a self-management project for Arts. With the support of +XARTE 
(Fondazione no-profit per l'Arte Contemporanea).

Thanks for your attention and best regards.

- - Italiano

Titolo: PassDoC (attraverso il tempo), Opera di Domenico Olivero

Dopo la serie d’incontri realizzati in differenti sedi (25-29/04/02 a 
Barcelona, 25-28/07/02 Berlin, 14-17/11/02 Ciudad de Mexico) inizia la 
costruzione del sito web. Questo spazio virtuale nasce seguendo una serie di 
proposte nate dai precedenti incontri, con più di 350 persone. Azione visiva 
e dinamica, che sfrutta diverse tecniche e forme… visitatelo e donate un 
vostro contributo. Il progetto durerà tutto l’anno 2003. Ogni 15 giorni per 
tutto l’anno il sito muterà tematiche, forme.

PassDoc è un sito artistico, un’opera multimediale in continua mutazione 
(work in progress), come un essere vivente o una città, che lentamente 
cresce e si sviluppa. E’ stato creato dall’artista Domenico Olivero e si 
trasformerà con l’integrazione di nuovi lavori. Il suo nome significa 
passaggio e documentazione, come un labirinto fantastico costituito da 
differenti forme e spazi sia virtuali che reali.

Sempre più difficile, ma forse impossibile, trovare delle opere che 
rappresentino la realtà, in forma chiara ed univoca.
Opere artistiche che diano sostanza estetica al mondo che ci circonda, per 
descrivere l’universo in cui viviamo.
La tradizione non riesce più a portare avanti significati oramai slegati da 
un contesto logico e storico, tutto è nuovo, indipendente o talmente 
concatenato che non si riesce a dipanarne la matassa delle origini.
Oggi non esistono più verità totali, o risultano irraggiungibili, e quindi 
non può esistere un’opera assoluta che cerchi di descrivere il tempo in cui 
Oggi non esiste una forma unica ma tante parti. La totalità nasce dalla sua 
segmentazione. La falsa visione globale rivela all’avvicinarsi una 
frammentazione, forse le singole parti sono più significative della 
Ogni nuova creazione è forma che necessita di assorbire e crescere, 
instabile, riflessiva, così vuole essere quest’opera che nella sua presenza 
sul web riesce ad esprimere al meglio una modernità sempre più 
incomprensibile e indefinibile.
"il mondo non può essere espresso, può essere solo vissuto»

http://digilander.libero.it/passdoc/    art project     Luogo e giorno 
d’inaugurazione: 01/02/03 PassDoc Space Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo (Italia)

Responsabili del progetto: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti 
Indirizzo: PassDoC Space Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo  Italia  39-328.2159521  
e-mail: passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com
PassDoC è un  progetto autogestito per l arte contemporanea. Col supporto di 
+XARTE (Fondazione no-profit per l'Arte Contemporanea).

Ringraziamo per la vostra attenzione e porgiamo cordiali saluti.


Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 07:33:41 +0800
From: "Fatima Lasay" <digiteer {AT} ispbonanza.com.ph>
Subject: CFP: COSIGN 2003

*    Last Call For Papers
*    ---------------------
*    COSIGN 2003
*    The 3nd International Conference on
*    University of Teesside (UK)
*    10th - 12th September, 2003
*    http://www-scm.tees.ac.uk/users/p.c.fencott/cosign2003


As in previous years, this third annual COSIGN conference provides an
exciting cross-disciplinary event for exploring the ways in which
meaning can be created by, encoded in, understood by, or produced
through, the computer (using systems or techniques based upon
semiotics). COSIGN is for anyone with an interest in areas of overlap
(or potential overlap) between semiotics and computers including
computer scientists, HCI and AI practitioners, digital artists,
designers, critics, theorists, semioticians, narratologists, etc. In
addition to the academic papers and artwork presentations, COSIGN will
include a range of participatory events such as papers, workshops,
tutorials, panel discussions to provide the space for the vital and
vibrant discussions that it is know for.

COSIGN 2003 invites submissions in the following categories. A brief
outline of the submission procedure is given below.

1. Academic Papers
2. Artworks
3. Posters
4. Technical Demonstrations

Media that make use of the unique capabilities of digital systems are
of particular interest to this conference. These include, but are not
limited to, the following: virtual reality systems and virtual
environments; hypertext, hypermedia, multimedia and the internet;
content analysis systems (particularly those that extract higher-level
meaning); the semantic web (and similar systems); digital art, net art
and other technology-based or technology-oriented art forms; computer
games, interactive narratives and other forms of interactive

Information about the conference are available at the following web
address: http://www-scm.tees.ac.uk/users/p.c.fencott/cosign2003

The programme and proceedings of COSIGN 2001 and COSIGN 2002 are
available online at the following web address. Please note, however,
that the proceedings of COSIGN 2003 will only be made available online
to conference attendees.


COSIGN 2003 will be held in Middlesbrough, UK, hosted by the Virtual
Environments Group of the School of Computing and Mathematics at the
University of Teesside. Middlesbrough sits near the mouth of the River
Tees in the north-east of England. It is a lively town with a proud
industrial heritage and one of the main shopping and leisure centers
for the area. It is also an important location for business and
commerce, communications and civic administration. In the Tees valley
heavy industry mingles with wetlands and wildfowl reserves while just
a few minutes drive away are the North York Moors National Park and
the dramatic North Sea coast.

Teesside International Airport is less than 20 kilometers from
Middlesbrough and has several direct connections every day to both
London (Heathrow) and Amsterdam (Schipol) which are major European
hubs for international flights.

Further information is available at the following web address:


Authors of accepted papers will be required to prepare a written
version of their paper for inclusion in the printed and online
proceedings. Attendance at the conference is dependent on authors
providing this written version of their paper by the required date and
in the required format.

Acceptance is also dependent on at least one of the authors
registering for the conference by 13th of June 2003. As in previous
years, COSIGN will endeavour to support as much as possible the
registration fees and/or accommodation of those presenters who are not
funded by an institution or organisation.


Papers are invited on any subject that explores areas of overlap (or
potential overlap) between semiotics and interactive digital
media. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, the

- - The use of semiotics in artificial intelligence and expert systems.
- - Software architectures and technologies using, based upon or inspired
  by semiotic theories, systems or models.
- - The use of semiotics in the creation of generative narrative systems,
  interactive digital games, entertainment and artworks.
- - The use of semiotics in the study and criticism of digital interactive
- - Narratology in games and new media.
- - Semiotic-orientated HCI.
- - Semiotics and Hypermedia.

Papers should demonstrate an understanding of - and engagement with
the principles of semiotics (understood here as the study of signs)
and gain something from this engagement.

Further details of the submission process (and templates for papers)
are available at

- ------------------------------------------------------
Submission date for Academic Papers: 28th March 2003
Acceptance will be notified on or around 12th May 2003
Camera-ready copy for the proceedings by 9th June 2003
- ------------------------------------------------------


In addition to academic and theoretical papers, presentations of
artworks of all forms and in all formats are invited. We are
particularly interested in digital art, net art and other
technology-based or technology-oriented art forms.

Artworks will be assessed on the basis of documentation of the work
presented in the form of an online website. The website should display
the following:

- - A textual description of the proposed artwork and any illustrations
- - A biography of the artist(s)/author(s)
- - Contact details

Further details of the submission process and requirements are available at

- -------------------------------------------------------
Submission date for Artworks: 28th March 2003
Acceptance will be notified on or around 12th May 2003
Camera-ready copy for the proceedings by 9th June 2003
- -------------------------------------------------------


There will be an opportunity for researchers to present new work and
ideas that are not yet ready for the full presentation. Short papers
will be presented in poster format, and will be included in both the
hardcopy and electronic proceedings.

Further details of the submission process and requirements are available at

- -------------------------------------------------------
Submission date: 24th April 2003
Acceptance will be notified on or around 12th May 2003
Camera-ready copy for the proceedings by 9th June 2003
- -------------------------------------------------------


Demonstrations of relevant leading-edge work and work in progress are
invited.  Submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure
quality. Demonstration proposals must be submitted electronically.

Further details of the submission process and requirements are
available at

- -------------------------------------------------------------
Submission date for Technical Demonstrations: 24th April 2003
Acceptance will be notified on or around 12th  May 2003
Camera-ready copy for the proceedings by 9th June 2003
- -------------------------------------------------------------


Authors and artists who have difficulty in making their submission in
the appropriate form or in viewing the detailed submission procedure
should contact:

      Frank Nack
      CWI - INS2
      Kruislaan 413
      P.O. Box 94079,
      NL-1090 GB Amsterdam
      Email: Frank.Nack {AT} cwi.nl
      Phone: +31 20 592 4223
      Fax: +31 20 592 4312

Andy Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Clive Fencott - University of Teeside (UK)
Craig Lindley - Interactive Institute (Sweden)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Frank Nack - CWI (Netherlands)

Elisabeth Andre - University of Augsburg (Germany)
Wilton Azevedo - Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, (Brazil)
Paul Brna - Leeds University (UK)
Kevin Brooks - Motorola Human Interface Labs (USA)
Andrew Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Chitra Dorai - IBM (USA)
Clive Fencott - University of Teeside (UK)
Brody Condon -  Media artist (USA)
Werner Kriechbaum - IBM (Germany)
James Lester - North Carolina University (USA)
Craig Lindley - Interactive Institute (Sweden)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Frank Nack - CWI (Netherlands)
Mirko Petric -University of Split (Croatia)
Paolo Petta - OFAI (Austria)
Doug Rosenberg - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
Ola Stockfelt - University of Goteborg/University of Skovde (Sweden)
Robert Wechsler - Palindrome Inter-media Performance Group (Germany)


Andrew Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Silvia Eckermann - Digital artist (Austria)
Fatima Lasay  - University of the Philippines (Philippines)
Luca Marchetti - Anomos (France)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Timothy Portlock - University of Illinois (USA)
David Rokeby  - Digital Artist (Canada)
Doug Rosenberg - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)



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