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Re: <nettime> Rhizome's revenge
Morlock Elloi on Sat, 1 Feb 2003 00:35:32 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Rhizome's revenge

> alternatives seem much worse. Rather than bemoan the lack of development 
> of "social-ties" currency, we really should be trying to figure out what 
> this might look like and how it might work, with practical 
> experimentation. It's partly a technical problem, but mostly a social 
> problem - failures up to now may be summed up with the observation that 
> A lot of good work has been done in the area of "reputation metrics" by 
> Raph Levien and others - mathematical models for calculating "transitive 
> trust", ie. how does one calculate the likelihood that a 'friend of a 
> friend of a friend of a friend' is not really an enemy.  At the risk of 
> completely misrepresenting their findings, it seems that the answer to 
> this is to have multiple "paths of trust" to a given individual - that 

One important issue must be taken into account here: people do not trust
computers, and for a good reason. Unlike pencil or knife, computer-tool is
beyond comprenhension of 99.99976% of it's "users".

An average user would be out of his tiny mind to trust trust relationships to
cisco switches, government MAEs, intel CPUs and microsoft software. To trust
machinery you don't understand, you must also trust it's creators and owners.
Or you end up like people who trust TV.

While I know most of the stuff that happens between time I press a keyboard key
and a rendered character appears on the screen, and I actually looked at the
PGP source code (at 2.6.2, but now also use unverified executables), I would
not trust machines to replace or augment my social obligation/gift accounting.

What would reinstate this trust ? Maybe some combination of human-machine
processing division: I issue digital ob-coins to those I'm obliged to, and they
personally hand them further. Social trust network augmented with e-cash.

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