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Table of Contents:

   "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation"  {AT}  UCLA                                      
     US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>                    

   high tech trash and "developing nations"                                        
     Ryan Griffis <grifray {AT} yahoo.com>                                                

   new publication                                                                 
     Roy Ascott <roy.ascott {AT} btinternet.com>                                          

   concrete_maschine (TM)                                                          
     Johannes Auer <rusmann {AT} kunsttot.de>                                             

   Big [B]Other                                                                    
     fran ilich <ilich {AT} delete.tv>                                                    

   Alt-X Press Releases New Wiley Wiggins Ebook                                    
     "Lori Gaskill" <lorijgaskill {AT} attbi.com>                                         

   subsol (online publication announcement)                                        
     joanne richardson <subsol {AT} mi2.hr>                                               

   about adbusters' strategy                                                       
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   new: sound art archive / Timo Kahlen                                            
     mail {AT} timo-kahlen.de                                                             

   borderzap live from munich                                                      
     Jan-Hendrik Brueggemeier <brueggem {AT} fossi.uni-weimar.de>                         

   no one is illegal uk book                                                       
     dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org                                                          

   fAf Jan-Feb03: Blackout: Indigenous New Media Arts Collective                   
     linda carroli <lcarroli {AT} pacific.net.au>                                         

     "=?iso-8859-1?Q?innestogreffe {AT} libero.it?=" <innestogreffe {AT} libero.it>            

   new URL and email for Left Curve                                                
     Csaba Polony <editor {AT} leftcurve.org>                                             


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 10:21:27 -0500
From: US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>
Subject: "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation"  {AT}  UCLA

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Randall Packer
"10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation"
Tuesday, February 11th, 6pm  {AT}  EDA (104 North Kinross)
University of California, Los Angeles

presented by the
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts
(310) 825-9007

Randall M. Packer, Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology 
in Washington, DC, will announce a new campaign, "10,000 Acts of 
Artistic Mediation," intended to mobilize artistic forces across the 
nation in anticipation of the National Election in 2004. The 
Secretary will also discuss the recent activation of a new 
artist-driven political party, the Experimental Party, the "party of 
experimentation," in the Department's effort to bring the artists' 
message to center stage of the political process. The Experimental 
Party intends to recruit, support, and coordinate viable artists to 
celebrate the universal spirit of collective expression, to seek 
volunteers to help speak oracular truths and the most radically 
liberating critique of reason, and to engage students in acts of 
appropriation through art and polemic, manifesto and demonstration, 
love and politics.

Calling him "a man of great integrity, a man of great judgment and a 
man who knows the arts," President George W. Bush announced his 
decision to nominate Randall M. Packer to serve as Secretary of the 
United States Department of Art and Technology on November 12, 2001. 
Upon confirmation by the Senate, Packer pledged to renew the war on 
cultural poverty, reduce the incidence of a one-way exchange of 
information between an active agent and a passive recipient, and 
combat discrimination so no American feels outside the field of 
aesthetic inquiry of the contemporary media arts.


The Experimental Party

The Experimental Party - the "party of experimentation" -  is an 
artist-based political party that has been formed to activate 
citizens across the country in an effort to bring the artists' 
message to center stage of the political process. This is a political 
awakening, 'representation through virtualization' is the major 
political thrust of the Experimental Party, it is the driving force.

The US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States 
principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend 
aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real 
action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of 
all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity 
from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.

- --============_-1167750372==_ma============


Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 16:29:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Griffis <grifray {AT} yahoo.com>
Subject: high tech trash and "developing nations"

a story from last October by the CBC on the
transplantation of Computer waste to "poor" countries,
and the environmental/human effects.
lots of good info and links.
a video clip:

Do you Yahoo!?
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Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 10:51:12 +0000
From: Roy Ascott <roy.ascott {AT} btinternet.com>
Subject: new publication

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new publication:


Professor Roy Ascott
ra {AT} caiia-star.net 
(  +44  7967 148719


Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 12:52:23 +0100
From: Johannes Auer <rusmann {AT} kunsttot.de>
Subject: concrete_maschine (TM)

Johannes Auer: concrete_maschine (TM)

- ------------------------------
*Language is corrupt!
The subject reignes over the alienated object!
Language is the code of power!*

Therefore "smash the surface" and concrete it in a new way. The
concrete_machine (TM) liberates the language from the dominating code
into the pictorial concrete.

It was already in the last century that language seemed suspicious to
numerous artistic movements. The Cubists and Dadaists collaged
text-fragments into pictures. Dada dissolved words into sounds. The
Lettrists reduced language which they understood as aesthetically
exhausted to the single letter. The concrete poets composed
letter-pictures and the utopias of the 70ies tried to convert the ruling

The concrete_machine (TM) will go on this road to the very end. Compute
the text: give it to concrete_machine (TM) and so make a free picure of it.
- -------------------------------

- -- 


Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:06:17 +0100
From: fran ilich <ilich {AT} delete.tv>
Subject: Big [B]Other

Big [B]Other

Text-based reality show, February 1 - March, 2003
Part of How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age

Part of:

Eduardo Arcos (Ecuador/Mexico), Teresa Arozena (Tenerife), Teresa Delgado
(Berlin), Tony Dushane (San Francisco), Cindy Gabriela Flores (Mexico City),
Jeroen Goulouze (Groningen, Netherlands), Fran Ilich (Mexico City/Berlin),
Pedro Jimenez (Seville, Spain),  German Maggiori (Buenos Aires), Osfavelados
(Seville, Spain), Pacho (Mexico City), DJ Pod (San Francisco), Luis H.
Rosales (Tijuana, Mexico), Tatiana Wells (Sao Paolo).

big [b]Other is a text-based reality show / community blog organized by Fran
Ilich with 13 other participants also working with media. It will run from
February 1 to March 1, 2003.

big [b]Other is in part a reaction to the supposed reality TV epitomized by
shows in the United States such as Big Brother, Survivor, Fear Factor and
any number of other programs that are, in fact, slickly produced and heavily
manipulated narratives that have little in common with real life.

Like many of the artists in How Latitudes Become Forms, the participants in
big [b]Other intend through this modest, contemporary practice to blog about
the daily experiences of their lives. They will be writing from behind their
monitors, situated in different geographies, but sharing the common space of
their communications; sharing their inner worlds, their net.browsing, their
media projects.

Audiences anywhere on the Internet will be able to ,listen in0/00 on these
conversations (in Spanish and English) among media activists and artists
from across Latin America, participating virtually and vicariously in a
different kind of reality show that bothers to attempt to self-consciously
but openly explore the many Others that constitute our globally
(dis)connected world.


Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 13:24:46 -0800
From: "Lori Gaskill" <lorijgaskill {AT} attbi.com>
Subject: Alt-X Press Releases New Wiley Wiggins Ebook

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BOULDER, Colorado, February 11, 2003 -- The Alt-X Online Network, "where
the digerati meet the literati," announces the release of "Solarcon-6," =
an ebook collection of stories by Wiley Wiggins.  Wiggins' "Solarcon-6" is
the ninth ebook in the Alt-X Press series which features other titles by
artists including Eugene Thacker, Mark Amerika, Adrienne Eisen, and Alan

According to Wiggins, star of Richard Linklater's groundbreaking "Waking
Life" film, "like many other self-important young people who feel
mistakenly that the sound of their own voice is more important than that
of traffic or radio static, through much of my life I have kept =
journals. Horrified by the embarrassingly dull minutiae of my own life, I
usually fill these instead with something that doesn't quite pass for =

A blurb for the book from an Austin comrade reminds us that "we always
thought Wiley would be an actor or a technophiliac, probably the former
with his star turns in Linklater's 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Waking =
Life.' He was into zines, too (weren't we all?), but who knew he could
really write?"

Alt-X is now about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary of innovating =
new modes of artistic research and development, and as part of its
longstanding strategy of utilizing the strengths of world wide web
publishing, all of the Alt-X Press titles are available to readers for
free without corporate advertising.

Alt-X Press ebooks are available at www.altx.com/ebooks


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 14:22:48 +0100 (MET)
From: joanne richardson <subsol {AT} mi2.hr>
Subject: subsol (online publication announcement)

SUBSOL  >>>   http://subsol.c3.hu

The new version of SUBSOL is now online. It will no longer be issue based,
but updated monthly. Subsol Reader is forthcoming this spring by
Autonomedia Press.  For more info or to send submissions, contact:
subsol {AT} mi2.hr.

|||| art, activism

association Apsolutno, Semiotics of Confusion
Luchezar Boyadjiev interviewed by Geert Lovink, Liabilities into Assets
Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, Anti-Technologies of Resistance
Francesca da Rimini, Ghost Manifesto
Ricardo Dominguez, Diogenes On-line 2.0
Miklos Erhardt & Duna Maver, Structure of Avoidance
Fiambrera, Flamenco Singing against the Bishops
Igor Grubic, Ideas of the Clinic
Institute of Constructions & Deconstructions, Self-Interviews
Irwin & Eda Cufer interviewed by Joanne Richardson, NSK 2000?
Oleg Kireev, Art and Politics in Moscow
Lyyying Community, Archiivum
Maxumim, The Idea of the Group
Anatoly Osmolovsky, Actual Art: Here & Now
Janos Sugar, Solidarity with the Context
Faith Wilding & CAE, Political Conditions of Cyberfeminism
Martin Zet, Not yet Free

|||| media, tactical

0100101110101101.org interviewed by Jaka Zeleznikar, Now You're in My
Autonome a.f.r.i.k.a., What is Communication Guerrilla
Luther Blissett, XYZ of Net Activism
Natalie Bookchin interviewed by Beryl Graham, New Media, Community Art ...
Candida TV, Reality-Fiction
C.U.K.T. interviewed by Joasia Krysa, Techno-Transgressions
Ricardo Dominguez interviewed by Coco Fusco, Electronic Disturbance
David Garcia & Geert Lovink, The ABC of Tactical Media
David Garcia, Islam & Tactical Media
Pode Bal, Critical Communication
Joanne Richardson, The Language of Tactical Media
RTMark interviewed by Sylvie Myerson & Vidyut Jain, The Art of Confusion
Technologies to the People, Art for Business' Sake
Sfear von Clauswitz, A Reaction to Tactical Media
McKenzie Wark, On the Tactic of Tactics
Peter Lamborn Wilson, Response to the Tactical Media Manifesto

|||| media, sovereign

Kestutis Andrasiunas interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Institutio Media
Heidi Grundmann, But is it Radio?
Institute for Transacoustic Research, Transacoustic Research
Eric Kluitenberg, Media without an Audience
Tetsuo Kogawa, From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio
Geert Lovink & Joanne Richardson, Notes on Sovereign Media
Nungu, Subliminal Source Code
Simon Pope & Matt Fuller, This Computer has a Multiple Personality
Howard Slater, Post Media Operators: Sovereign and Vague
Vakuum TV, Recombinant Television

|||| media culture, autonomy

Alex Adriaansens & Nat Muller, V2_Organisation
Inke Arns interviewed by Joanne Richardson, mikro
Blace, Mars & Medak interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Multimedia Institute
Brett Bloom, Cesare Piertoiusti & Greg Sholette, Folds of an Institution
Kristine Briede interviewed by Joanne Richardson, K {AT} 2, Karosta
Alexei Isaev, MediaArtLab: Dossier of a Virtual Community
Piotr Krajewski interviewed by Joanne Richardson, WRO
Kristian Lukic interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Kuda.org
Mia Makela & Vanni Brusadin, Small is Beautiful
Sarai Collective, Sarai: The New Media Initiative
Krassi Terziev interviewed by Joanne Richardson, InterSpace
Marko Vukovic, Autonomous Culture Factory

|||| markets, immaterial labor

Franco Berardi Bifo interviewed by Matt Fuller & snafu, Cognitariat &
Manuel De Landa, Self-Organizing Markets
Alex Galloway, Possibility
Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Cooking-Pot Markets
Michael Linton & Ernie Yacub, Open Money
Sebastian Luetgert, Introduction to a True History of the Internet
Geert Lovink, New Media Culture in the Age of the New Economy
Stefan Merten interviewed by Joanne Richardson, Free Software & GPL Society
Kenta Ohji, Introduction to NAM, New Associationist Movement
Felix Stalder & Jesse Hirsh, Open Source Intelligence
Mckenzie Wark, A Hacker Manifesto [version 4.0]

|||| borders

Aleksandar Boskovic, Virtual Places: Imagined Boundaries & Hyperreality
Luchezar Boyadjiev, Overlapping identities
Calin Dan, Geography of Doom
Miklos Erhardt, Crossing the Gap
Javor Gardev, Unbearable Lighness of being Barbarian
Ghassan Hage, The Shrinking Society
Fran Ilich & Louis H. Rosales, Borderhack 2000
Sebastian Luetgert, Roaming Producers
Harald Kuemmer, Border Camp // Strasbourg
Dan Perjovschi, No Visa? Better have American Express
Gerald Raunig, A War-Machine against Empire
Florian Schneider, Knocking Holes in Fortress Europe
Shuddabrata Sengupta, Borders: Walking Across ...
Hito Steyerl, Europe's Dream
McKenzie Wark, Globalization from Below: Migration, Sovereignty,
Ventsislav Zankov, Understanding the Balkans

|||| urban space, movement

Stefano Boeri, Uncertain States of Europe
Francesca Iovino, Sciatto, Metropolis of Trajectories
Gruppo A12, Process
Marina Grzinic, Metelkova: Actions in a Zone of Indifference
Fran Ilich, Spaced Out: A Personal Geography to Mexico City
Giovanni La Varra, Post-It City
Marjetica Potrc, Vacant House
Paula Roush, m4-uec: artists' run urban entertainment center
Mihai Stanescu, Spaces of Passage
Space Hijackers, Anarchitecture


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 07:17:58 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: about adbusters' strategy

Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 12:52:19 -0800
Subject: Adbusters: The Year Ahead
From: Culture Jammers Network <jammers {AT} lists.adbusters.org>

Hey Jammers:

Can you feel it? 2003 has all the makings of a flashpoint in history. For
months we've been living in the long shadow of September 11. Now we're
seeing that the war on terror is something else as well: an entrenched
defense of an unsustainable culture of fear and self-interest. There's never
been a more important time for all-out activism, and here at Adbusters, well
- - we're cooking up some plans.

- --------------
- --------------

Adbusters magazine
The May/June issue of Adbusters will mark a triple milestone. First, it will
push our worldwide circulation to well over the crucial 100,000 barrier.
Second, we will finally realize the goal of becoming a truly international
magazine, with a 10,000-copy boost to our United Kingdom distribution. And
third, readers worldwide will tune in to our first-ever CD of music and
spoken-word jamming - which we'll include as a free insert. Mixed by master
innovator DJ Spooky, the CD brings together some of the most outspoken and
accomplished artists of our time. What's the new music of revolution? Try
Ani DiFranco, Fugazi, Patti Smith, Coldcut, Allen Ginsberg, Public Enemy,
Negativland and more.

Design anarchy
The second Adbusters book, _Design Anarchy_, will be in bookstores by
Christmas 2003. Self-published and weighing in at 320 large-format pages, it
will be an unmistakable catalog of the emerging anti-commercial design

UK office
Building on our increasing international presence, Adbusters will work to
open a London office, tapping into Europe's deep well of radical writing and

Our on-line multimedia ABTV project is already refreshing almost daily with
new flash and video content from across the planet. We'll announce the
winners of our first ever ABTV contest soon, and introduce the world to some
of the best in activist new media.

Legal action
With respected Canadian lawyer Clayton Ruby on the case, Adbusters is
preparing a high-level legal push for guaranteed public access to the
television airways. Now the search is on for a strong legal team to push
Media Carta - the Right to Communicate - in American courts as well.

Get ready for Meme Warfare Tonight. Imagine: working with some of the most
powerful civil society groups in the world, we create a 180-day campaign of
60-second "subvertisements," soundbites and news from the activist front. In
quick cuts and clever edits we create . . . a one-minute media revolution.
Then we buy our way onto CNN. Watch for it.

Corporate spots
Don't forget Adbusters' ongoing campaigns. Watch for the CorporateSpotlight.
It nailed Coke and Big Tobacco, and  now its falling on Nike, AOL Time
Warner, Eli Lilly and more. TV Turnoff Week is gaining power with the
emerging Media Democracy movement, and Buy Nothing Day is growing so fast we
can barely keep up. This year, look for our second major design campaign:
the Blackspot Sneaker. The big companies having been saying for years that
there's no way to make an eco-friendly, sweatshop-labor-free shoe. This
year, we're going to prove them wrong.

Exciting times call for an ambitious program, and after the successes of
2002, we know to aim high. To catch up on last year's highlights, read on.

- -------------
- -------------

Selling out
In its second year as a bi-monthly, Adbusters rapidly approached the 100,000
circulation barrier - and sold out of five of six issues published in 2002.

Adbusters' website is a worldwide base for jammers to meet, plan, organize
and talk. On Buy Nothing Day (Nov. 29, 2002), <http://adbusters.org>
recorded 29,100 unique visits - a new record for our Webby-award winning
website. Average unique visitors have now risen to a daily total of around

On August 7, 2002, we unveiled our most aggressive foray into television -
the heart of pop culture. Hosted on <http://adbusters.org>, Adbusters TV
lets online visitors watch a collection of culture jamming videos and
subvertisements, including a daily spotlight video. Most videos were culled
from our first-ever ABTV contest, which received almost 800 submissions from
video artists around the globe.

ABTV has already conquered the mainstream. An online campaign raised $18,400
to put our Burping Pig Buy Nothing Day uncommercial on CNN. Thanks to
hundreds of supporters, our pig spot appeared in primetime on Lou Dobbs
Moneyline. Earlier, during TV Turnoff Week (April 22-28), we aired an even
cheekier 30 seconds of blank screen time. And on April 18, we reminded over
a million CNN viewers that "television isn't real, but the addiction is."

In addition to the breakthrough CNN spot, we saw Buy Nothing Day festivals,
teach-ins, protests and actions spread from Texas to Croatia, from Italy to
Australia. At least one million consumers slipped off the corporate radar in
60 countries worldwide. The new Curb Your Consumption campaign enlisted the
Queen, the Pope, a red-coated Canadian Mountie and Uncle Sam himself in the
fight against rampant consumerism. See the <http://curbit.org> for updates,
downloads, posters and more.

Around the world
Adbusters' staff and editors regularly speak at schools, conferences and
conventions worldwide. Last year saw publisher and editor-in-chief Kalle
Lasn travel to Israel for the Hebrew launch of his book, Culture Jam, and
spoke at a branding conference in Zurich. In October 2002, Lasn joined
creative director Mike Simons for a presentation for the Architecture +
Design Forum at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Earlier in July,
Simons joined associate art director Paul Shoebridge to speak at the
Industrial Designers Society of America national conference in Monterey,
California. And in late August, senior editor James MacKinnon and managing
editor Aiden Enns took the Adbusters message to the Word Summit on
Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Remember: it all started just 12 years ago. In 1989, publisher Kalle Lasn
tried unsuccessfully to purchase TV airtime for an ad critiquing the forest
industry. Lasn, together with Bill Schmalz, took action. That same year,
they founded the non-profit Adbusters Media Foundation and published Vol. 1,
No. 1 of Adbusters. The world has never been the same.

It's still a wild ride every day, and we couldn't do it without you. Thanks,
everyone, for your ongoing support.


The Staff & Volunteers
Adbusters Media Foundation

- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Want to join the Culture Jammers Network?
Visit http://adbusters.org/information/network/


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 18:42:15 +0100
From: mail {AT} timo-kahlen.de
Subject: new: sound art archive / Timo Kahlen

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In 2001 and 2002, Berlin-based sound, video and installation artist Timo =
Kahlen (*1966) has released several new audio art works.=20

Samples from the audio CD editions "Media Dirt 1989-1997" (2001) and =
"Staubrauschen" (2001) =96 based on an archive of hissing, gurgling, =
whirring, singing dirty radio noise of interfering frequencies inbetween =
stations - , "Vogelbestimmung" and "Monolog"(both 2002), "Aerial", =
"Referenz" and "Enter" (all 2002) can be heard at =
www.staubrauschen.de/soundsc.htm .

Together, these sounds - archived and reedited natural and synthetic =
sounds and noise =96 form the basis for many of Timo Kahlen's sound =
sculptures and sound installations since the early 90s.=20

For a different view upon sound installations as "Leerraum" (Void, 1995 =
at the Ruine der K=FCnste Berlin) or "Schwirren" (Whirring, Berlin =
1994/2000) or "Zewidewit Zizid=E4h" (Berlin 2001/2002) and sound =
sculptures as, for example, "Fr=F6sche" (Frogs, 1996) or "Beehive" =

as well as other experimental wind installations and video works link to =
www.timo-kahlen.de .

- ------=_NextPart_000_0086_01C2CD46.5245B4E0


Date: Sun,  9 Feb 2003 12:55:43 +0100
From: Jan-Hendrik Brueggemeier <brueggem {AT} fossi.uni-weimar.de>
Subject: borderzap live from munich

Last two days of BORDERZAP-exhibition of the experimental radio department
bauhaus university weimar at icamp/new theatre munich. 
24 hrs live-streaming from location including independent news coverage on
passed nato-conference sound-art and live performances. 
url for streams are found at: http://radiostudio.org --> click on taht
aside the regular program, we would like to headlight following events for
sunday feb 9th and monday 10th, feb: 
SUNDAY, FEB 9th 2003  
(all times in CET! check: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/)  

from 5 - 7 pm: "streaps",  
highly interactive open-mixed streaming session, streaps is an online mixer
engine, which one can access via webinterface to mix togehter with other
particpants up to 6 ogg vorbis streams at  once. url:
between 7 - 8 pm: "schneetreiben im fruehling" (live radioplay) by 
ben fouquet, henrik hentschel, fabina keuhlein & flrian woehrl. 
8 - 10 pm: "zapped borders", pingfm  
live audio/video noise-show, http://pingfm.org 
10 - 11pm live presentation of david moufangs,http://www.source-records.com,
class "pop & underground" 
11 - open end: party with move d aside others   
MONDAY, FEB 10th, 2003: 
between 6 - 8 pm: trebor scholz and his students, nyc, regarding personal
stories of border experiences 
between 8 - 10 pm: station r.o.s.e., frankfurt, http://stationrose.com, abstract
from 10 - 12 pm: "streaps",  highly interactive open-mixed streaming session,
with participation AudioLab Villa Arson Nice, http://audiolab.villa-arson.org/,
from 0 - 1 am, oima, live sound perfromance, south devon, u.k., http://oima.de 
finito & out 
- -------------presswork: 
>The experimental radio of the bauhaus university "studio b11" is 
>organizing an international webcast lounge and exibition called "border 
>zap" with the subject of border relations. It cooperates with the 
>i-camp/Neues Theater and is supported by the Kulturreferat of the LH 
>"border zap" is an answer of the experience we have made with borders in 
>Therefore "border zap" is a moving around, a crossing and exceeding, a 
>take on and reject and an experience with real and imaginary borders of 
>our every day life 
>The works show a wide spectrum of different articultions and deal with 
>political, abstract, stereophone and theoretical aspects of borders and 
>their outlook 
>Besides the permanent exhibition there will be a permanent live stream 
>to the internet with international contributions from new york, nice, 
>ljubljana and vienna. 
>At the same time the NATO is organizing a conference for corporate safty 
>policy in munich. One of the topics of this conference will be the 
>globalization and virtual borders. So this event will also have an 
>influence of the content and character of the programm. 
>The visitors and listeners have the possibility to make their own 
>borderexperiences via radioplays, radiostreaming, installations and 
>video productions 


- ----- Ende der weitergeleiteten Nachricht -----



Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 11:52:09 +1100
From: dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org
Subject: no one is illegal uk book

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>From "Peter Cahill" <cahillp {AT} melbpc.org.au> 
To <noiioz {AT} yahoogroups.com> 
Date Sat, 8 Feb 2003 10:46:24 +1100 
Subject [noiioz] no one is illegal uk 

from the noii mailbox.
- -p




No One Is Illegal is an important collection of   essays. It is written from
an explicit perspective of opposition to all immigration controls. It
rejects the notion that there can be &#8220;fair&#8221; or &#8220;anti-racist&#8221; controls. At
the same time it aims to raise   controversial debates within the movement
against controls &#8211; not least as to what &#8220;no controls&#8221; means  in respect to
political practice. . The book begins by delineating the main issues and
explaining  the new Nationality, Immigration  and Asylum Act of 2002.

Part One  of the book provides a political background to immigration
controls and shows why there cannot be fair or non-racist controls.  Part
Two provides the historical background and demonstrates how controls in this
country have always  been used against refugees &#8211; starting with the 1905
Aliens Act. Part Three examines internal welfare controls. Part Four  looks
at the international aspects of control and how a global fortress is being
erected against migrants, immigrants and refugees. Part Five celebrates
resistance to immigration controls. Part Six provides a conclusion and
while hostile to all controls looks critically both at the arguments for
&#8220;fair&#8221; controls and for no immigration controls.

Steve Cohen has been an immigration lawyer and  an activist against
immigration controls for  two decades.  He  was previously coordinator of
Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit.

0ISBN 1 85856 291 0     276 pages,  228mm x  145mm, price 17.99 (sterling)


Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:05:03 +1000
From: linda carroli <lcarroli {AT} pacific.net.au>
Subject: fAf Jan-Feb03: Blackout: Indigenous New Media Arts Collective

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fAf January - February 2003

fineArt forum = art + technology netnews

This month, Blackout, a site created by Jenny Fraser, is launched. Blackout 
features information about and work by Australian Indigenous new media arts 
practitioners. Blackout was initiated at NISNMA (ANAT's National Indigenous 
School for New Media Artists) in 2002 when the participants formed the 
Indigneous New Media Arts Collective. 

Also in the Gallery, Jane Gallagher, curator of the recent Brisbane-based 
exhibition, The A4 Refugee Project negotiated with several of the 
participating artists for permission for their works to be reproduced as 
downloadable PDFs. In conjunction with AUSTCARE, the exhibition presented 
over 100 A4 sized artworks at Metro Arts during Refugee Week - we present 6 
of those online.

This month fAf invites your feedback about the magazine through a reader 
survey which will be online until 6 March. In order to attend to your needs 
appropriately, we hope you will take the time to complete the survey. Your 
feedback will be used to chart future changes and refinements to fAf online 
and the edigest as well as our other components such as Art Resources, 
Gallery, Screening Program and projects.

:: Opening doors: Using new media techniques to aid students with 
developmental disabilities - a study by Deena Larsen
:: Molly Hankwitz takes a look at Borders and Edges: BitParts: New Media 
Art in the UK's Midlands
Reviews and Reports
:: From Singapore, Andrea Lau, Eunice Tan & Wai XiaoWen report on the 
proceedings of the Forum on Creativity in the Arts, Science and Technology, 
Nanyang Polytechnic
:: JM John Armstrong reviews Iconoclash: Beyond the Image Wars in Science, 
Religion and Art
:: Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez reports on Querying Ourselves: Locus: 
Interventions in Art Practice, two part project held in Manila
:: Jane Gallagher reviews The A4 Refugee Project which deals with artistic 
engagement in the debate about asylum seekers and mandatory detention.
:: NTT/Verio to Terminate Thing.net as reported by Judy Malloy
:: Michelle Gordon-Coles looks at Retooling: A Historian Confronts 
Technological Change, an historical perspective of MIT culture
:: Linda Carroli reviews reload: rethinking women and cyberculture

Please join QUT's Communication Design Department and fineArt forum for a 
lecture by Deena Larsen, a visiting new media writer from the United States.

Topic: New Media: We just couldn't go there before
What is the potential for writing and art with new technologies? Images, 
sound, text, programming, interface design, and more are merging to spawn 
countless numbers of new genres. Join us on a guided tour of some of the 
amazing works produced by artists working across disciplines. Deena Larsen, 
noted new media author, will introduce some of the exciting potentials in 
this field. Explore things that could not have been conceived of only a 
decade ago. Discuss the issues that arise as universities and practitioners 
meet the challenges that these new art /sound/text forms present.

1.30pm, Thursday 13 February 2003
A105 (Conference Room)
Kelvin Grove - QUT (Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove)

For more information or reservations please contact:
Linda Carroli
l2.carroli {AT} qut.edu.au

Don't forget that fAf_15, our commemorative 15th anniversary cdrom is still 
available and free. On fAf_15, we present the magazine's entire archive as 
well as specially commissioned and collated new material. fAf_15 is an 
invaluable resource for researchers, artists, writers and activists in the 
new media, science and technology fields. It will be particularly useful to 
those living and working in areas where internet access is difficult and 
unreliable. To obtain a copy, email fAf at l2.carroli {AT} qut.edu.au with your 
name and postal address.

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Date: Sun,  9 Feb 2003 17:12:24 +0100
From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?innestogreffe {AT} libero.it?=" <innestogreffe {AT} libero.it>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?PassDoc_in_the_webEvent__?=

Title: PassDoc (across/Through the time), Works of Domenico Olivero.

After the series of meetings performed in the different centers (25-29/04/02 Barcelona, 25-28/07/02 Berlin, 14-17/11/02 Ciudad de Mexico) I begin the development of the website. This virtual space was created  following a series of proposals from the former meetings, with more than 350 persons. Visual action and dynamics, that exploit different techniques and shapes... visit us and give your contribution. The project will last the whole year 2003. Every fortnight the site will change the thematic and shapes.

PassDoc is an artistic site, a multimedial work in continuous mutation (work in progress), as a living being or a city, that slowly grows and develops. It is a creation, and it will last for a whole year. It will be transformed with the integration of new works by the artist Domenico Olivero. Its name means passage and documentation, it is a fantastic labyrinth constituted by different shapes and spaces, both virtual and real.

It is always more difficult, but perhaps impossible, to find the works that represent the reality, in a clear and univocal way.
That can give aesthetic substance to the world around us, to describe the universe where we live.
The tradition does not get forward a new meaning of today's life, everything is new, independent or so much concatenated that it  is impossible to understand its origin.
Today there are not total truths but different ones. The totality is born from its segmentation. The false global vision reveals itself, when you come near to it as ...., fragment, probably the single parts are more significant than the totality.
Every new creation is a form that needs to absorb and grow, fluid, reflexive, and so wants to be this new art-web project, expressing as good as possible the modernity always more difficult to be understood and without a definition.
"the world can't be expressed, but only lived"


Carge of: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero &
la Calvetti ).
address: PassDoC Space Corso Nizza, 22 12100 Cuneo  Italia  ph:39-328.2159521  e-mail: passdocartweb {AT} hotmail.com
PassDoC is a self-management project for Arts. With the support of +XARTE (Fondazione no-profit per l'Arte Contemporanea).


Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 13:00:20 -0800
From: Csaba Polony <editor {AT} leftcurve.org>
Subject: new URL and email for Left Curve

Dear Nettime,
I have a new email address: editor {AT} leftcurve.com

There is also a new URL for the journal, Left Curve, that I edit:


Please update.

Thanks very much,
Csaba Polony


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