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Fwd: <nettime> High tech trash
philip pocock on Wed, 12 Feb 2003 21:21:49 +0100 (CET)

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Fwd: <nettime> High tech trash

its been 6 years since i worked with internet media in uganda - 

at the time 1997 it took us only 10 minutes for an 18-year-old net-head 
in kampala to set us up with an account and a pretty speedy 28kb 
connection with few drops. in germany at that time you had to wait weeks 
to get an account sometimes.

did you meet charles musisi? he was having students type the'new vision' 
national news onto the net then to pay for a hut a few pcs and some 
oreilly linux textbooks. in 1997 there was in my view more understanding 
intrinsic understanding of net culture in uganda among the students i 
met than among students i worked with in germany! and its not a surprise 
for many reasons.

if you havent contacted charles musis i would recommend it. i met him 
through gopher in 1995 when he was canvasing worldwide universities for 
2400 baud modems to be donated to uganda. he is a pioneer net person who 
made our site possible.

viva uganda!

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>> Subject: high tech trash and "developing nations"
>> http://cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/environ/hitech_trash/
>> a story from last October by the CBC on the
>> transplantation of Computer waste to "poor" countries,
>> and the environmental/human effects.
> I just returned from three weeks in Uganda where I was assessing a high
> tech project involving nicely outfitted computer labs with new gear,
> wireless Internet connection, etc. in teacher training colleges around

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