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<nettime> Declaration of Lima, about Internationalization of Cyberspace
Heiko Recktenwald on Fri, 14 Feb 2003 02:58:04 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Declaration of Lima, about Internationalization of Cyberspace (fwd)

We had this topic:

>From: GIC <gic {AT} alfa-redi.org>
>Subject: Declaration of Lima, about Internationalization of Cyberspace
>Group of Internationalization of Cyberspace

>Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey
>Comunidad Alfa-Redi
>Lima, 2/7/03

>Subject: Declaration of Lima, GIC (http://www.alfa-redi.org/gic/lima-en.asp)

>Dear Friends,
>Much time has passed since the First World Congress for Informatics and Law
>and the creation of the "Group for the Internationalization of Cyberspace"
>(GIC) (http://www.alfa-redi.org/gic). Some international publications have
>given us a favorable echo and we have been supported by  various Latin
>American and European associations.
>Our first demand, as stated in our Resolution of Quito
>(http://www.alfa-redi.org/gic/quito.asp), knowingly the convocation of an
>international conference under the auspices of the United Nations, has been
>satisfied with the organization of the World Summit for the Information
>But there is still work in regard to our second and main demand: the
>establishment of an international legal frame for Cyberspace, in order to
>insure peace, development and the elimination of the digital divide.
>It seemed that at the beginning our participation in the Summit had been
>insured by the ITU; but since then, it occurred that the Secretary General
>of the ITU did not consider to invite us for PREPCOM 2. Consequently, we
>have to fight for having our place in the Summit, taking into consideration
>that our proposal could be adopted by other organizations with whom we do
>share the same principles.
>Being conscience that many associations ought to comply with their own
>issues, they nevertheless might also take into consideration our proposal
>that aims to be equilibrated, neutral and complying with the principal
>demands of the civil society organizations.
>Consequently, we do invite you to support our project and its proposal to
>"Internationalize Cyberspace"; to join the Declaration of Lima
>(http://www.alfa-redi.org/gic/lima-en.asp) and to diffuse it. Together, we
>can fight for the same goal: a Free and Open Cyberspace: not so much for us
>than for our children. Some say that the future does not belong to us; it is
>only rented to us by the next generations. In this, we do believe, and for
>this, we do fight.
>Best regards
>Dr. James A. Graham
>Chairman of the Steering Committee
>For support: mail to gic {AT} alfa-redi.org ; subject: Support GIC . Please
>indicate your name, charge and organization (and in case, please indicate if
>it is a personal or institutional support).

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