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<nettime> the u.s. as the greatest invention of all times.
Anitta makridi on Fri, 14 Feb 2003 11:32:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> the u.s. as the greatest invention of all times.

the u.s. as the biggest invention of the last century.
the u.s. whose system, when looked at it, harsh and
life-time binding as the daisy-cutter. the u.s.
harsher on its own people because there is no u.s.
people. the u.s. tucks its people in suburbs, cuts its
way out, drowns them, drugs them, entertain them,
impose them a shopping mall and a movie theater only
and a car for everyone in the family. the u.s. keeps
the education quality so low that when an average
person graduates from high school, hey where the fuck
is this iraq anyway? the u.s. presents the level of
alertness in 5 colors, hey no need to give
explantions, you won't undetstand any way, just be
alert. be alert all day, when you take the subway,
when you walk through madison avenue, in central park
in the weekend, just be alert. the u.s. saying despite
all its dangers, we have to go on with our lives.
orange as level of braveness, not just because the
u.s. people made it home that night all safe and
sound, but also why the fuck i should worry about my
job, my retirement? that's all i will have, i house in
the suburb if i work hard enough and do not complain,
medicare. why should i worry about them now, i am
fighting an invisible enemy every fucking day when
crossing the bridge. the u.s. as the biggest invention
of the last century. last century's u.s. invention is
the health system. boy, can you afford not to work for
one reason entirely enough, when you have to pay
embarassingly high rent on health services?  u.s. as
the advisor on pension savings, invest them in the
stock market naturally. 
the u.s. biggest invention of empire. cleans out for
the empire, up until 1974 medium of exchange for the
empire, the home of the excess, the home of the
expelled, the home of the exiled. when the u.s. goes
to war in some country like afghanistan and even some
above average people still couldn't figure out why
really, the u.s. is saving some bps, shells, elves of
the overseas in addition to its own. 
the u.s. as the face of empire who takes
resposibility, or lie, for what he does. there are
other faces of the empire though, like france for
example, despite what she aims for outside her borders
always prefers to be a freerider. the u.s. is
perfectly engineered to fullfill any needs of the
empire. the u.s. is the greatest invention of all


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