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<nettime> raining on doublespeak
eyescratch on Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:42:30 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> raining on doublespeak

   Reigning in doublespeak, the highest court destroys companies by
   interpreting the letter of the advert. A Texas man, determined to get
   something else in his "buy one pack get ONE free", is granted a wish
   for the company to fulfill. Being a patriot, he asks that Columbia be
   reassembled piece by piece. You know, not built for re-entry but
   simply a one way ticket to the heavens. Share -
   http://share.dj/kitchen.html The literal metonymical triumph of
   post-colonialism, the columbia, just for science, disintegrated. The
   final moments were hot with anticipation to report on seeing goldfish
   swim upside down in circles. The structure of the atom? An electron
   storm? Triumphs not required, spewed as tragedy, the event again made
   TV shaky with a comets tail, debris. Video image front page news.
   X-Fest - 1A15,1A15,FFFAhttp://www.x-fest-digital.com The face is out
   of sync. The bad capitalist is countless times reenacted. Yet behind
   the image sits a monstrous apparatchnic. How fast did those images go
   public domain and were then shuttled to the archives of copyright?
   Hacking statistics on Bob Marley's birthday. A village outside of
   Marrakech. There plays a Marley song not just cause people like to
   listen to it. It speaks to them and they speak back with statistics.
   Most widely played, the DJ with tapes. Who speaks through you? The
   person with no voice. The static imprint of now.
   http://www.democracyrising.org http://www.iacenter.org People marched
   yesterday. In New York, right into the pens of stationary mobility.
   Some got tired of forming rectangles on First Avenue and spilled back
   to Second Avenue at the entrance to the Queens-Borough bridge, the
   gondola passing overhead. Meanwhile on Third and Lexington Avenues
   people couldn't pass through to get to First. A few brave hearts
   walked north or south as directed, extending the First Avenue crowd
   from 23rd street to 81st street. Yet many simply congregated on
   Lexington, Third and Second Avenue playing cat-and-mouse with Police,
   halting traffic. On the spot organizers solicited help on Second to
   break the barricades on Third. http://www.space4peace.org
   http://www.disclosureproject.org The police were on horseback in the
   middle of the intersection of 2nd Ave and 55th surrounded by
   protesters. Slowly they drove the protesters back in wider concentric
   circles in fits of testosterone, making several arrests. From the
   portable radios tuned to WBAI came cues for chants, with a resounding
   "Shame!" for every arrest and charge on horseback. The automobiles
   inched forward. People were having fun, fleeing for short moments of
   warmth in the wireless shop. http://www.votenowar.org
   http://www.votetoimpeach.org A man stood in this tumolt, who, Volcano,
   a Serb, corroborates my guess that he is eastern european, in the eye
   of the storm pointing at a camera, at the ground and in the heavens.
   Creating a motionless zone as he stood and waved to demonstrators to
   come and join him. Why are you standing there squashed by the police,
   he intoned. They finally did arrest him for his motionlessness.
   http://www.democracynow.org http://www.joefriendly.com Do you
   automatically have your hand on the bible when talking to a cop? Those
   that got through either had a camera in hand or made up stories of
   shopping trips. A gridlock of gayety.

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