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<nettime> global public goods Network (gpgNet) www.gpgNet.net
Vikas Nath on Sun, 2 Mar 2003 10:28:57 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> global public goods Network (gpgNet) www.gpgNet.net

   Dear Colleagues,
   I invite you to visit the new website of global public goods Network
   (gpgNet) at http://www.gpgNet.net
   gpgNet intends to serve researchers, policymakers, business and civil
   society as a platform for information exchange and discussion on
   issues concerning the theory, policy design and practice of providing
   global public goods.
   On gpgNet you will find references to research and studies,
   information on forthcoming events as well as commentaries, policy
   statements and media reports concerning global public goods issues.
   I would like to invite your special attention to the discussion forum.
   The inaugural debate is on the topic of "What is Public? What
   is Private?" Please join us for this debate at
   http://www.gpgnet.net/discussion.php and share with us -and the global
   public- your observations on this topic.
   Your suggestions and feedback on the gpgNet website would be very much
   appreciated, and can be sent to info {AT} gpgnet.net
   Yours sincerely,
   Inge Kaul
   Office of Development Studies
   United Nations Development Programme
   Vikas Nath
   gpgNet.net Manager
   Policy Analyst, Office of Development Studies
   United Nations Development Programme
   336 East 45 Street
   New York NY 10017 USA
   Email: info {AT} gpgnet.net
   URL: http://www.gpgNet.net

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