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<nettime> Tactical Media: stream-to-FM presentation at the THING
ricardo dominguez on Sun, 3 Aug 2003 20:24:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Tactical Media: stream-to-FM presentation at the THING

THINGMeeting with Jonathan Jay
by The THINGTank

Drift by The THINGSpace for a Tactical Streaming

On August 5 (Tuesday), 2003
from 7pm to 8pm


601 West 26th Street 4th Fl
Between 11th and 12th Ave.
New York, New York 10001
Tel: 212-937 0443

Jonathan Jay is a designer, writer, micro-radio networking applied theorist
and organizer who has made the small wet city of Seattle his home
for the last 24 years. He got his start in pirate radio as an audio collage
DJ with PearlJam initiated FUCC 89.1 fm in 1996 and went on to
co-found FSR, Free Seattle Radio 87.9.

In response to repeated interventions by the FCC and in anticipation of the
WTO protests of 1999, he played the pivotal role in starting 'Studio X' an
Internet Radio Station, capable of streaming audio to remotely located
microFM transmitters. Jonathan also developed the net.radio component of the
Indymedia.org's live tactical audio reports of events from the streets of
Seattle. Jonathan also started MicroRadio.NET, a website focused on
collaborations between 'webcasters' with traditional 'terrestrial' FM
broadcasting micro radio stations around the world.

Recently, building upon the success of earlier distribution efforts,
including a distributed mass action of electronic civil disobedience in fall
of 2002 during the National Association of Broadcasters annual meeting
taking place in Seattle where more than10 frequencies up and down the FM
dial were temporarily 'occupied' .

Currently Jonathan is working to develop a model of  networked
micro-transmitter arrays that could provide city-wide coverage to dozens of
neighborhoods on unused or 'open' frequencies on the local FM.


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