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Re: <nettime> Mas(s) Googleing
Atreyu 42 on Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:14:16 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Mas(s) Googleing

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> From: auskadi <auskadi {AT} tvcabo.co.mz>
> This might be a really dumb question ....
> Is there an "open" search engine or a non corporate > search engine in 
> existence other than the dmoz project

>From Grub.org <http://www.grub.org/html/help.php>:
| Q: What is Grub? 
| A: Grub is a distributed web crawler. People who 
| choose to download and run the client will assist in 
| building the Web's largest, most accurate database 
| of URLs. This database will be used to improve 
| existing search engines' results by increasing the 
| frequency at which sites are crawled and indexed. 
| Conceivably, Grub's distributed network could enable 
| state information to be gathered on every document 
| on the Internet, each and every day. By having 
| websites crawl their own content, and having 
| volunteers donate their bandwidth and clock cycle 
| resources, it decreases bandwidth consumption across 
| the Internet dramatically, allows for pre-processing 
| on the resulting data, and ultimately improves 
| search results sent to end users. 
| Grub coders wrote most of the software used in the 
| project, and have made some of that code available 
| to the Open Source community. If anything, Grub has 
| contributed to the community, both by making it's 
| code open, and by opening up the database to other 
| similar projects out on the Internet. 
| Q: Isn't this concept similar to Kazaa, or 
| SETI {AT} home? 
| A: Yes.  The concept is similar.  Grub's client 
| enables any computer on the Internet to utilize its 
| resources (bandwidth, processor time, drive space) 
| to crawl and index a portion of the Internet in its 
| spare time.  With enough clients, Grub will be able 
| to visit and index every web page on the Internet - 
| every single day. 

Grub is used by the search engine LookSmart <http://www.looksmart.com/>.
Atreyu 42 <mailto:atreyu42 {AT} myrealbox.com>

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