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<nettime> Next 5 Minutes 4 Open Space / TAZ - Call for Registration
comiotto {AT} rcfmedia.ch on Thu, 14 Aug 2003 02:15:57 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Next 5 Minutes 4 Open Space / TAZ - Call for Registration


International Festival of Tactical Media

Amsterdam 11 - 14 September 2003

De Balie / Paradiso / Melkweg / Waag Society
NIM Montevideo / Imagine IC / SALTO



The N5M4 OPEN SPACE / TAZ are un-programmed but fully equipped presentation
spaces where participants can sign up themselves for a presentation. The
idea is to create open zones in the festival for impromptu presentations
and gatherings, spaces for contestation and difference. Registration for
the TAZ is open to all festival participants and works on a first come
first serve basis. 

Timeslots are one hour: 15 minutes setup, 45 minutes presentation. The room
is equipped with a networked computer, video and data projection, an audio
system and a DVD player. A notebook computer can be connected to the video
The room capacity is 60-80 people.

Proposals for the TAZ can now be sent to the production office via:
taz {AT} n5m.org 
Please register before September 1st. Send us a title, short description
(with URLs), contact data and preferred date/time.

The TAZ program will be published on the N5M4 website and in the program


Next 5 Minutes is a festival that brings together art, campaigns,
experiments in media, technology, and transcultural politics. The fourth
edition of the festival is the result of a collaborative effort of a
variety of organisations, initiatives and individuals dispersed world-wide.

The program of Next 5 Minutes 4 is structured along four core thematic
threads, bringing together a host of projects and debates. These four
thematic threads are: 

 * DEEP LOCAL, which explores the ambiguities of connecting essentially
translocal media cultures with local contexts. 

 * THE DISAPPEARING OF THE PUBLLIC deals with the elusiveness of the public
that tactical media necessarily needs to interface with, and considers new
strategies for engaging with or redefining 'the public'. 

 * THE TACTICS OF APPROPRIATION questions who is appropriating whom?
Corporate, state, or terrorist actors all seem to have become effective
media tacticians, is the battle for the screen therefore lost? 

 * THE TACTICAL AND THE TECHNICAL finally questions the deeply political
nature of (media-) technology, and the role that the development of new
media tools plays in defining, enabling and constraining its tactical use. 

For more information please consult the N5M4 website at


Next 5 Minutes 4 Production Office:

c/o De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31.20.55 35 171
Fax. +31.20.55 35 155
e-mail: info {AT} n5m.org

Next 5 Minutes 4 : http://www.next5minutes.org

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