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<nettime> possible nettime model
human being on Sat, 16 Aug 2003 19:33:18 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> possible nettime model

-- diagram of potential nettime model (16k) --

this was done just as a visualization of the nettime-list, which
may or may not be accurate (the red part) of its current structure
versus possible structural changes, and then one added idea
for which this graphic demonstrates, if an image component
could be added, the level of discussions could be more complex
than just words alone, and ascii is hard without monospace
fonts as default for mailreaders. the idea that is added here
(and this is not even a suggestion, informally, it is a question)
is that if documents sent to the discussion could be sent in
advance to an URL-image server (3rd party project, basically
online storage for a limited use, like small graphics accompanying
a text to be in the nettime queue). then, self-contained essays
would not have the urls broken and the greatest advantage of
the archives (the real value of nettime, in my opinion, being
that content is googled often and maps an entire universe of
ideas self-similar yet very diverse across many networks). in
the past the nettime 'bold' list could perform this function in a
crude, unintended sense. but if it were to be implemented it
could offer a challenge to print media and also an open-
content image archive available to search engines, also
enhancing archival value. one opinion about this, and without
the technical aspects or realities. but thought it was worth
sharing. the diagram can be considered without this and-
or modified to greater accuracy, should it be of any use.
(that is, it would rival print-media for online news/ideas.)

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