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human being on Tue, 19 Aug 2003 05:52:19 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> universal energy trickster

  the universe may have a wicked joke in
  store for the G.W. Bush Administration,
  in that to get 'down to business' after the
  electricity blackout will require getting the
  Cheney Energy Task Force records out of
  the way first, which promoted nuclear power
  (all 7 plants shut down, still as far as i know)
  and long-distance rights of way for centralized
  power, with the help of Enron's Ken Lay who
  is still in his Houston Penthouse. Someone
  then will get to explain how it is that James
  Baker's plans for a war in Iraq ended up in
  Commerce Sec. Don Evans' hands in relation
  to the secretive Energy Task Force documents
  related to economic development of energy,
  mapping the Iraqi and Saudi oilfields in early
  2000-2001. That would be a very good reason
  to use 'executive privilege' wouldn't it? For if
  anyone knew a war was being planned two
  years in advance, under the guise of energy
  policy planning, then there would be a lot of
  unanswered questions about .US Energy Policy
  yesterday, today, and tomorrow and how it is a
  private parlor game, much like the wargaming.
  So, how do James Baker, VP Cheney, G.W.
  Bush, & Ken Lay relate to Energy Task Force
  planning and development--? Iraqi Oil & War.
  Power should serve people. Maps available
  at: http://www.electronetwork.org/works/pen/

  This is the issue to get to the core of things,
  it is proposed that going through VP Cheney
  so as to find a future in .US energy planning
  will allow many revelations about the past,
  present, and future workings of government
  by and for the privatized electrical estate of
  power, media, and technology. Banging the
  drum of public inquiry over Energy Task Force
  secrecy and making public the records and
  even minutes of these meetings will enable
  truth-tellilng to a large degree not only for the
  blackout of the northeastern US and parts of
  Canada, but also how to prevent this repeat
  of events from happening again, just like the
  blackouts of the 60s and 70s never to be
  repeated, nor the Nixon Whitehouse, both
  are back and have infested all the works.

  Moderate positioning in a radical right-wing
  establishment may be a radical moderation
  of strength through reason, not intimidation
  and innuendo. What is best for businesses,
  in this case, is also good for citizens. And it
  is not until this 'correction' can be performed
  that the 'public' marketplace for applications
  of various endeavors can gain momentum
  to challenge the distorted, corrupted state of
  affairs. It requires public debate, and it is not
  going to happen with weak-kneed new-age
  publications who worry about their image
  more than their substance or reporting. It is
  the #1 way to the center of things, all nodes
  lead back to VP Cheney, and well beyond.

  To change the direction of energy policy
  will require this ultimate US Patriot actor
  to come public with all documents related
  to the Energy Task Force, no secrets and
  on the fast track, and its relation to war in
  Iraq and any planning for Iraq's and other
  oil futures based on this war action. There
  was nothing evolutionary or revolutionary
  about .US energy policy under VP Cheney
  as President Bush is saying has been held
  back somehow by their own corrupt tactics.
  Instead, it is an inside deal that is holding
  back a optimal future that goes beyond the
  control of the industries alone, and into the
  dreams of people to live in a better world.
  If VP Cheney insists on standing in the way,
  it is the publics job, around the world no less,
  to make sure he understands he is not bigger,
  badder, or better than the rest of humanity.
  The False-Logic he referenced so often in
  the build-up to Iraq is a mental screen for
  more dubious affairs of manipulating minds.
  And, he was never a grandmaster. Only a
  player who lost big, and everyone is losing
  as a result. Please focus your energies here,
  on getting the Energy Task Force documents
  released. Then, secrecy will not stand in the
  way of the truth of these matters, and if all is
  as innocent as stated, as altruistic, there will
  be great evidence of this grand innovation,
  or, possibly, a foolhardy plan of deceptions.

  This is the biggest structural flaw to appear.
  Good deconstructionists everywhere know
  what to do next: go after information flows...

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