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<nettime> how to be a net.artist: lesson one: the name game
abraham linkoln on Tue, 19 Aug 2003 06:31:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> how to be a net.artist: lesson one: the name game

how to be a net.artist: lesson one: the name game

is your name mark? if so you are 10 times more likely to become a net.artist 
than someone named vuk or netochka. look at all these net.artists named 

mark amerika, mark tribe, mark napier, mark voge, marc garrett, mark dagget, 
mark river and marc lafia, just to name a sampling.    that's amazing!

if your name isn't mark consider including “mark” in your alias or your 
domain name somehow, like rtmark does.

speaking of domain names. next you will want to choose a domain name for 
your website (where you will put up your art later) since futurefarmers took 
the coolest name available, don’t try too hard with this part…try to focus 
more on length of your domain name; should you go short like www.jodi.org or 
long like

*tips for picking a domain name in the english language: since every word in 
the english dictionary is already a domain name you’ll want to either modify 
a single english word with funky spelling; like putting a “5” or a “z” where 
the “s” is like www.engli5h.com or www.englizh.com or get clever with 
something like www.englitch.com . or, the easiest way is to combine two 
words, like red and smoke or potato and land. don’t worry if the two words 
you are combining sound funny or awkward at first, like any new band or 
brand name the more you say them together the more the two will sound 
natural next to one another.

if you really can’t decide on a alias you can always use your real first and 
last name (if your first name is mark, you should definitely use your name 
as your domain name).

your next big decision will be to choose a .net, .com, .org. don't worry 
about what each means, but do worry about which one sounds better with the 
name you've chosen. for example; www.markmark.com sounds better than 
www.markmark.net which sounds better than www.markmark.org . (note that 
using mark twice in your domain name will double your chances of becoming a 

you can always piggyback onto another site like the radical software group 
does (www.rhizome.org/rsg). but try and use a new media site like rhizome, 
turbulence or thing.net, or even a university site. for cred purposes try 
and avoid a geocities, tripod, or an angelfire address.

hopefully by now you have some name ideas for your new net.art site. as you 
lay awake in bed tonight visualize yourself walking around the ars 
electronica festival in linz wearing a nintendo powerglove.

congratulations! You’ve completed lesson one. stay tuned for “lesson 2: 
turning stuff into net.art; have you ever written anything or taken a  
picture or something?”

see images for lesson one here: http://www.linkoln.net/lessononeimages

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