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Re: <nettime> defending our precious online fluidity [guderian, wang, mc
Frederick Wilson on Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:26:42 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> defending our precious online fluidity [guderian, wang, mccaffrey]

(In reply to Mike McAffrey)

Mike, I confess that I read only enough of "Smartasses" to be thoroughly
mesmerized by its insignificance--we're still in shock from 9/11, still
paralyzed but twitching ineffectually, though potentially very dangerously.
Thank the Ninth Heaven for China, who's been seasoned by a month of 9/11's
over her lifetime, and places a calming hand on our shoulder, and N.
Korea's.  Some in China say war with the US is inevitable, nonetheless.  I
hope they are wrong--the madmen in Washington wish they are right.  *These*
kinds of things matter.  So, again, I admit that I wouldn't turn my head to
spit in despise of the "fakester" Apocalypse.  Frightening, how much time we
Americans have on our hands, but understandable, in light of the continuing
catatonia of unreality we inhabit.

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