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<nettime> for those who attend n5m4: swap meet
geert lovink on Tue, 2 Sep 2003 18:22:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> for those who attend n5m4: swap meet

From: "Renee" <geuzen {AT} xs4all.nl>


For the Next 5 Minutes 4, De Geuzen is organizing a swap meet where 
tactical traditions, such as buttons, flyers, T-shirts, pie throwing, 
stencils and stickers can be displayed and generally talked about. 
For the event we are designing around 25 blankets that will operate 
as a  tactical interface.  Made to be viewed vertically as a banner, 
or horizontally as a surface, or from above as a shelter, our 
blankets are a kind of nomadic, carry-all, platform for attending 

For the first days of the conference the blankets will circulate both 
inside and outside various venues of the Next 5 Minutes.  Owners will 
quite literally unfold them and squat or occupy any space they see 
fit to air their wares and promote their cause.  At a time and 
location to be announced, the blankets and their owners will converge 
in a single place for a turbo exchange of tactical traditions. 
Audiences/participants will be able to peruse a variety of goods on 
view or participate in a series of "show and tell"/how-to lessons 
held at the same location.  The space will be a cross between a junk 
sale and a DIY center where computers converge with ironing boards 
and the dilettante is valued as the expert. 

In preparation for the Swap Meet we have set-up a weblog for people 
to get to know each other and exchange ideas, resources, and know-how 
in advance of the event. We will also use the site for documentation 
and hopefully continue the debate around tactical traditions long 
after the event is over.

see: http://www.geuzen.org/swap/

If you want to register for a blanket and/or you would like to post 
on the blog please send your name and email address to: 
info {AT} geuzen.org

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